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5 Reasons Business Video Monitoring Keeps Companies Safe


Improve Security with Business Video Monitoring

Unfortunately, crime happens and that means businesses need to have a plan for how to prevent it. Dealing with theft, vandalism, and property damage doesn’t have to be “the cost of doing business” or something your company just has to accept. There are many ways to reduce crime and to prevent it from happening. One powerful way is through business video monitoring.

Improve Security with Business Video Monitoring

What is Business Video Monitoring?

Live video monitoring involves using cameras, sensors, and two-way speakers to allow remote agents to watch over an entire property and respond to potential issues. Cameras can be placed around a property so that agents can see the entire location.

This provides much more coverage than would be possible from any other form of security. For instance, onsite guards can also watch over a property and react to situations but, in most properties, they aren’t able to see everything at once.

Consider a large office building. Guards will likely be stationed at the entrances, and they could potentially walk throughout the property as well, but security guards won’t be able to see everything that is happening all at once.

Not only can remote monitoring provide greater coverage, but it also tends to be less costly than having a large number of guards at a property.

If the remote security professionals notice a suspicious situation at your business, they will react immediately. In many cases, this reaction comes before the situation escalates into a crime.

How Video Monitoring Protects your Business

As mentioned, businesses need protection. Whether you are managing an office, a warehouse, a truck yard, an automotive dealership, a commercial property, a residential complex, or any other sort of business, you need to protect your property and your assets.

Business video monitoring provides the security you need. Some of the ways that live video monitoring keeps companies safe include:

  • Preventing crimes from happening in the first place
    • One of the most powerful aspects of a live monitoring system is that security agents can see situations as they develop and respond to them before they become serious. For instance, agents can see someone attempting to break into your property while the person is still outside. Agents can then react (by using two-way voice communication, for example) to deter the criminal before they strike.
  • Verifying what’s occurring
    • In addition to acting to stop crimes before they happen, another strong benefit of business video monitoring is that agents can directly contact the police if the situation warrants such a call. Not only does this mean that police will be called while the criminals are still at the site (which increases the chances of the authorities arriving while the perpetrators are still present), but it also means that these calls are verified.
    • Unfortunately, many alarm systems suffer from false alarms. This means that police may consider calls that are unverified as a lower priority. When police are called by a video monitoring station, they know that the situation is not only verified, but it is ongoing.
    • This gives police more information that they’ll need when they arrive on the site and may encourage them to place a higher priority on the call.
  • Covering 100% of a property
    • As mentioned, monitoring cameras can be installed so that security agents can view everything that is happening at the property. This isn’t feasible with other security tools. If you manage a large property and want to have guards covering the entire site, this would quickly become unruly and expensive.
  • Providing accurate evidence
    • If you have security guards watching your property, and they need to recall something that happened, they’ll need to rely on their memories and any notes they may have taken. With surveillance cameras, footage is available that will show exactly what happened. This can be incredibly valuable for police and insurance investigations, and in many other situations as well.
  • Ensuring protocols are followed

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