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Securing and Streamlining Automotive Storage and Management Facilities

Improving Protection at Automotive Storage and Management Facilities

Vehicles are expensive assets that need to be protected. There is an extensive black market for automobiles and, therefore, many criminals are willing to take huge risks to steal vehicles. The same is true for vehicle parts. These are high-value items that need to be protected.

Automotive Storage and Management Facilities

If you operate automotive storage and management facilities, you understand the importance of having a safe, secure, and protected location while also ensuring that the vehicles and parts are organized and accessible when needed and that all inventory is managed effectively.

These are complicated problems, but the solution to these problems does not have to be difficult. Though there are many solutions available, live remote monitoring provides comprehensive security and management while also working to decrease costs and help the organization run more effectively.

How Live Remote Monitoring Improves Security and Efficiency at Automotive Storage and Management Facilities

There are many ways to effectively use live remote monitoring solutions at automotive storage and management sites. The first is for security. As mentioned, live agents can watch an entire site at once. This means that no matter where criminals may lurk, they will be spotted.

A significant advantage to using live monitoring is that agents can stop the questionable activity before it becomes dangerous. For instance, if they notice anyone acting suspiciously outside your gates, agents can inform the individuals that they are being watched and tell them that police will be called if they do not leave immediately. 

Live monitoring agents can also perform access control duties. By installing cameras and speakers at gate entrances, agents can verify a person’s identity when they arrive at the gate, check this against a list of authorized persons, and only allow access to those who are permitted. 

In addition to permitting or denying access, agents can also direct visitors, deliveries, transport trucks, etc. to certain areas of the property. For instance, if a vehicle transporter arrives, the agent can inform them of precisely where they should unload and store the vehicles.

Thanks to remote monitoring technology, agents can then verify if these instructions have been followed. Compare this to a security guard service, a onsite security guard can provide instructions or assignments at the gate, but there isn’t a practical way for them to ensure that they have been followed once the person they were speaking with is on the other side of the facility. With live remote monitoring, this is possible. 

This verification not only keeps the site organized but also aids in inventory management. Tracking vehicles, parts, and other assets are significantly more straightforward and accurate when live remote monitoring is in place. 

Live agents can do more than provide security. They also watch the property to ensure that all policies and protocols are followed.

Live remote video monitoring is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to security guards.

For instance, if someone on site is not wearing proper safety equipment, is ignoring speed limits on the lot, or is acting in an unsafe or dangerous manner, agents can notify them immediately, request that they correct this behavior, and log the incident in a report to management. 

What is Live Remote Monitoring?

Live remote monitoring tools are designed so that security agents can watch over the entire property remotely, interact with the site as needed, and provide facility management and supervision roles.

A real-time monitoring system utilizes high-definition video cameras that are strategically installed throughout the property. The goal is to make it possible for remote agents to view the entire site, including the perimeter of the site, using the cameras. This provides comprehensive security since, unlike even onsite security guards, the whole property can be monitored 24/7.

security guards vs remote video monitoring solutions

In addition to cameras, remote security systems also include two-way speaker systems. This allows agents to interact with the property. For instance, they can request identification at entry points, inform suspicious individuals that they are being watched and must leave the property, communicate with staff on-site, and much more.

By having this sort of comprehensive security and management all handled by a single point of contact, the facility remains secure, and site management becomes more streamlined and straightforward. 

For more information on live remote monitoring and how it can improve security and efficiency at automotive storage and management facilities, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today.