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It is an unfortunate reality that security at most facilities is about responding quickly to incidents after they have occurred, that about intervening in emerging incidents to prevent them from happening.

Cameras are installed to ensure there is sufficient evidence to support an investigation after the fact, rather than as a means of early incident identification and ultimately prevention.

Interactive Incident Intervention

The Birdseye Security solution is designed to enable incident intervention and avoidance at its core. Birdseye agents, supported by AI-enabled technology, can identify emerging incidents – and intervene proactively quickly, and decisively to ensure they never progress. Preventing incidents is far more valuable to our clients, than investigating them.

Birdseye’s ability to intervene in the early stages of an emerging incident is based on an interactive, two-way communications system called Voice-Down™. With Voice-Down, Birdseye agents can proactively communicate instructions to individuals in the monitored areas of your facility and hear their responses.

Through this system, employees and staff can be, if necessary, reminded of site safety protocols, such as wearing their PPE, or driving under a yard speed limit. And, unauthorized persons who approach the yard perimeter can be warned off before they become a trespasser.

Incident Reporting

Activities at the facility, including any intervention by Birdseye agents, are always recorded. As a practice, Birdseye reports incidents and “near-miss” incidents to clients to ensure full visibility into the ongoing operations of the facility, and identify any incident “hot spots” – a necessary ingredient in proper facility risk management.