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Mobile Surveillance Systems: Remote Security Monitoring

Mobile Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Whether your organization needs temporary surveillance or longer-term monitoring of a remote or off-grid location, Birdseye Security’s remote mobile video surveillance services can be the perfect solution.

Using a remote camera system and mobile CCTV surveillance tools, Birdseye Security protects construction sites, industrial properties, and other temporary or remote sites.

The self-contained Birdseye Security monitoring trailers can be quickly deployed and relocated as necessary to ensure effective monitoring at even the most challenging locations. We utilize state-of-the art mobile video surveillance equipment to create a self-contained security solution that is effective at stopping trespassers and other criminals even in locations that have inconsistent power, poor lighting, and other security challenges.

Remote Site Surveillance Solutions: Mobile View Cameras & More

Remote sites – such as construction sites and industrial locations – can be challenging in terms of security. For instance, a location could lack proper lighting, have unstable or inconsistent electricity, or could be missing physical infrastructure needed to install traditional cameras. However, no matter the situation or location, mobile video surveillance tools from Birdseye can keep a property safe.

Our mobile surveillance services are built for rapid deployment and can be adapted to provide superior security at nearly any site.

Mobile video surveillance from Birdseye is a self-contained solution that features:

  • Battery back-ups in case of power outages
  • Flexible installation – cameras and lights can be installed on poles, roofs, or other locations as necessary
  • The ability to operate on hardwired internet or a wireless connection
  • Set-ups that can expand to handle changing security needs
  • The flexibility needed to change the set up as required
  • The capability to access CCTV on mobile devices, PCs, and laptops
  • And more

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Security

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Physical Security.

Nothing is immune to the impact of technology. Learn how AI is forcing security to evolve.


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The CCTV mobile view feature let you watch your cameras securely from anywhere with an internet connection. This provides strong peace of mind and additional security.

Birdseye Security professionals also monitor the cameras at all times to react to suspicious situations and respond to trouble conditions as necessary. For more information, please contact us today.

How a Mobile Video Surveillance System Works

The Birdseye mobile surveillance solution features a complete mobile camera system. Using mobile surveillance camera technology, each camera is monitored by our professional team 24/7. Mobile video surveillance cameras can be mounted on poles, walls, or other surfaces, depending on the situation.

Each mobile view camera:

  • is designed to capture high-quality video, even in low-light conditions
  • features pan-tilt-zoom functions to maximize the amount of the property that can be viewed
  • is weatherproof, to withstand harsh outdoor conditions
    can be layered with AI to add additional information about a scene
  • allows CCTV access on mobile, making it possible to view the cameras on computers and mobile devices

Our mobile surveillance trailers can be used on nearly any site, even temporary locations such as construction sites. This state-of-the art digital mobile surveillance system includes a complete mobile CCTV system, with all cameras watched over by trained security professionals at all times.

For more information, please contact us today.

Comparing Mobile Video Surveillance to Traditional On-Site Security Guards

On-site security guards can provide good protection, but they simply can’t be everywhere at once. In most cases, a company will station one guard at each entrance and perhaps have other guards making their rounds throughout the property.

This quickly becomes cost-prohibitive, and it still isn’t possible for guards to monitor every area of a property at once.

Despite the difficulty in using onsite security guards, the need for constant surveillance can be essential. This is especially true where high-value assets are at risk of theft or damage, or in dangerous locations where there is a significant liability risk if the area is accessed inappropriately.

Birdseye Security mobile surveillance trailers are an excellent alternative to traditional onsite security at difficult and remote job sites.

With these trailers, agents will monitor your site and act to prevent incidents while following protocols and provide ongoing reports on all activity.

For off-grid locations, trailers are entirely self-sufficient and do not need to be hooked into a power grid. This allows for maximum adaptability at any remote site.

For more information on mobile video surveillance, please contact us today.

Mobile Surveillance for Temporary Surveillance Solutions

Preventing security or safety incidents and minimizing financial or legal liabilities is crucial at all properties. However, there are many instances when temporary monitoring of a site or event is beneficial, such as at a construction site, for example.

Some situations where security may be needed include:

  • Monitoring activity while heavy equipment is present
  • Preventing the theft of supplies and tools
  • Ensuring job site safety protocols are being followed by workers on site
  • Deterring trespassers during off-hours
  • And many others

Security is essential to the proper management of any temporary job site. Birdseye Security mobile surveillance trailers are a great solution for short-term monitoring. These units are independently powered but provide all the same services and protection as our permanent facility installations. For more information, please contact us today.

Why Flexible Mobile Surveillance Units are so Effective

Mobile video surveillance is a powerful tool that is used to prevent theft, vandalism, violence, and other crimes. It can also provide evidence that can support training and spot instances of safety and protocol violations which can be corrected and lead to company improvements. 

Live remote monitoring is a powerful tool and thus is desired by many organizations. However, installing traditional surveillance cameras isn’t always an option at most properties. In these situations, a mobile video monitoring system can be used. 

Mobile video monitoring keeps sites and organizations running smoothly, efficiently, and safely. By using them effectively, construction sites, industrial locations, and other such properties are able to increase security and gain access to information and footage that is critical for improving their businesses. 

What is a Mobile Video Surveillance Trailer?

Mobile video surveillance systems operate out of self-contained trailers. There are several reasons for this. The first is that they are designed to be deployed quickly and adapted or relocated around a site as necessary. For instance, mobile surveillance units can be used at a construction site to provide security and monitor safety. However, these locations change frequently. 

As the construction project develops and the site changes, the security camera setup must change as well. Different areas will become more important to secure and physical changes to the property will necessitate movement of the cameras, lights, speakers, and even the trailer itself. 

Remote Off-Site Video Monitoring

Mobile security camera trailers can be used at locations that do not have stable or consistent electricity, as well as at sites where the physical infrastructure needed for a typical camera system is not present. For instance, an industrial location may not have a consistent internet connection, or a construction site may not have walls or poles suitable for attaching cameras or lights. A mobile security trailer set up can still protect these sites. 

This is possible due to the self-contained nature of the security tools. Everything needed for the system to function is included as a part of the trailer. This includes cameras and lights that can be installed on poles, roofs, or other locations. It also includes battery backups for locations where power is inconsistent as well as the ability to operate on a wireless internet connection. 

The cameras, speakers, and other tools are all watched 24/7 by live security staff at a central monitoring station. This ensures that no matter what is going on at the property, it will be noticed, and staff will respond immediately. For instance, if any suspicious activity is noted at the site, central staff can use two-way speakers to communicate with the site immediately.

They will let the suspicious individuals know that they are being watched and inform them that police will be on the way if they do not leave. Criminals clearly don’t want to get caught in the act at a property, so they will leave the site before this can happen. 

Live video recorded by the monitoring system can also be viewed remotely by management. This means they can use phones, tablets, or computers to see what is taking place at the property at all times. This provides incredible peace of mind. 

Situations Where Mobile Video Surveillance Systems May Be Used

A portable surveillance trailer can be utilized at nearly any site. However, the most common need for these services is at sites where more traditional video surveillance is difficult or even impossible.

A common use for a mobile surveillance camera trailer is at a construction site. These locations not only change frequently, as mentioned, but they often lack the physical walls, ceilings, etc. where cameras are often installed. In addition, these sites are common targets for criminals.

Construction sites contain many valuable things including equipment, materials, vehicles, and much more. These properties are often quite large as well, which means that criminals can potentially hide on the property without being seen by staff or security guards. This is even a bigger problem at night. When it’s dark, it becomes very tough for those onsite to spot criminals.

However, live remote monitoring cameras can capture clear footage, even at night. This means that criminals will have no place to hide. 

A portable surveillance camera trailer can not only watch over valuables and prevent trespassing, theft, and vandalism, but it can also keep the site safe by ensuring protocols are followed. For instance, since cameras are watched over by live monitoring agents at all times, security agents will be able to spot situations where staff are not acting safely.

For instance, if those on-site are not wearing proper equipment (helmets, safety vests, etc.) the station can communicate with the site through two-way speakers and inform them that they must wear proper equipment.

This sort of surveillance can also lead to overall improvements at the site. Not only do monitoring agents interact with the property to correct behavior, but all instances are recorded and reported to management. This makes it possible for management to review the footage and use the information it gathers to conduct additional training when necessary, to create new policies at the site to improve safety if they are needed, and much more. 

Another location where security camera trailers are typically found is at large industrial sites or sites in remote locations. These locations tend to provide the same security challenges as construction sites. They are often quite large, they contain many valuables, and they frequently also lack the necessary structures to place cameras and other tools. 

The self-contained nature of a mobile surveillance camera trailer makes it an ideal choice for areas that are in flux. For instance, if a site is just starting up, it may require security immediately before permanent structures are built. These sorts of temporary situations are where portable security camera trailers shine.

They can be set up quickly and on short notice and, as the site grows and changes, security can change with it. A mobile video monitoring system means that a property will never have to go unprotected. 

Comparing Mobile Surveillance Cameras to Other Security Tools

There are many ways that live mobile video surveillance systems provide greater protection than other types of security tools. One powerful way is that monitored cameras provide proactive security. This means that, if a suspicious situation is spotted, it can be reacted to immediately. This is much more powerful and useful than passive security tools such as alarm systems

For instance, if there is a crime and the property is protected by only an alarm system, the alarm will only sound once the crime is underway (such as if a fence is breached, a window is broken, a gate is disturbed, etc.). In these situations, criminals will act quickly.

They know they have some time before anyone can respond to the alarm, so they try to get in and out of the site in a short period. This gives them the best chance at getting away with their crime.

When compared with a mobile video surveillance trailer, the difference is stark. When cameras are watched live by trained security professionals, they can react and respond to a crime before it happens. For instance, if they spot someone lurking outside the gates of a construction site, agents can use the two-way speaker system to inform them that they are being watched and that police will be called if they do not leave the scene.

In most cases, the criminals will leave immediately. If they do not, police are called right away, before they breach the property. This means they will arrive sooner and catch the criminals in the act. Plus, this prevents damage to the property in the form of broken locks, damaged gates, or other costly damage. 

Live remote monitoring tools also hold a strong advantage over unmonitored cameras. When cameras are not monitored, they are typically used to provide evidence after the fact. Since no one is watching the cameras, no one can react to what is happening. As a result, this footage doesn’t prevent crime since criminals know they can hide their identities using hoods or masks and be very difficult to identify after they have left the scene. 

When compared to security guards, a portable surveillance camera trailer also provides greater protection. That’s because onsite guards can only see so much of a property at once. Even if you have many guards walking throughout the property, there will still be instances where they cannot cover the entire site. Of course, hiring such a large number of guards will also be quite costly.

Live remote monitoring cameras allow security agents to monitor what happens at a site at all times. This means nothing is missed. Even at night or in low-light situations (which are times when criminals often choose to strike), cameras can capture clear footage. Onsite guards often have difficulty seeing in low light.

In addition, the unfortunate reality exists that criminals often attempt to distract, overpower, or even threaten on-site guards. This risk does not exist with mobile surveillance units. 

As evidenced by these comparisons, mobile surveillance cameras and live remote monitoring systems hold several advantages over other types of security, which makes them an excellent choice for construction sites, industrial areas, and other such properties. 

Advantages of Monitored Mobile Surveillance Cameras

In addition to protecting properties from the security issues discussed, mobile video surveillance also helps keep sites safe in other ways. For instance, footage captured by these cameras can be used for training purposes. If monitoring agents note that employees, visitors, or others at a site are not following protocols, for instance, they can communicate with the site and correct the behavior.

This information is also passed on to company management. Management can then decide to implement additional training if necessary.

Live monitoring agents can also spot potentially dangerous situations and intervene to prevent accidents and injuries. Many construction sites, industrial areas, and other such properties have equipment or materials that could cause injury if handled incorrectly. If agents spot unsafe behavior, they can communicate with the site and stop the actions being taken.

This prevents a potential injury or other incidents. The footage from these near-miss scenarios is then set to company management in case additional training is needed. 

A surveillance camera trailer can also allow remote agents to perform access control duties. By controlling access at the gates of a construction site or other such property, agents can ensure that only authorized visitors can enter the site. This is much more secure than using fobs, keys, or cards since these methods can be lost, stolen, or copied. 

A mobile video monitoring system is a versatile tool that can provide comprehensive security at a site. Not only does it protect against criminals, but it makes the entire property safer.

Having a self-contained and adaptable solution to protect locations is very powerful. Cameras can even be monitored remotely using tablets, phones, or computers, adding to the amount of information about the property that company management will have. 

Finding the Right Portable Surveillance Trailer Provider

Finding the right provider of mobile surveillance cameras is important. The security and safety of your property are paramount. Therefore, choosing the right company to work with is crucial. If you are considering live remote monitoring, you’ll want to work with a provider who has the experience and technology needed to get the job done right.

You’ll also want to work with someone who is a trusted partner and who has your security at the top of their priorities list. 

At Birdseye Security Solutions, we understand the importance of remote video monitoring, mobile video surveillance, and other security technologies.

With years of experience and a dedication to keeping sites safe, we are a North American leader in remote security monitoring and site surveillance. Our team has the knowledge needed to strategically-locate cameras and other security tools so that they have the greatest benefit. We recognize that not only is security important, but so is a company’s bottom line. Therefore, we ensure that every dollar spent is beneficial and that you get the most from your security system.

We also make sure that your site is operating safely without sacrificing your efficiency. 

When you work with Birdseye Security Solutions, you are working with a team that truly understands the role that security plays and that keeping locations safe is about more than just blocking out criminals. It is about monitoring the site for suspicious or dangerous behavior and keeping locations secure and safe from multiple threats. 

For more information on mobile video surveillance systems and portable surveillance trailer options, please do not hesitate to contact us today.