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Access control is crucial for every business, but it can also be an expensive and complicated process for organizations to manage. Even in the simplest of cases, most systems rely on the distribution of keys or fobs which are costly and prone to loss, theft, or inappropriate use.

Because there is no validation that these security tokens are being used by the proper individuals, these physical access devices could potentially be exploited by unauthorized personnel to access your business without permission.

Onsite security guards, the other traditional approach to managing facility access, are expensive and can only be in one location at a time. Staffing every gate and/or controlled access door can become cost-prohibitive very quickly.


Rather than struggle with risky keys and fobs or spend a fortune on security guards, trust remote access control from Birdseye Security.

The Birdseye Security solution combines the intelligent use of technology with professionally trained Birdseye security agents.

By effectively utilizing state-of-the art cameras layered with AI, powerful speaker systems, and other access control tools, our team can remotely manage access control gates, monitor perimeter security, prevent trespassing and theft, and much more.

To provide secure and affordable access control, we have designed the ID-Verifi™ identity validation system. This system allows our Birdseye agents to verify facial matches to government issued (or custom) identity cards – ensuring that only the right people can gain access to your facility.

Pairing our custom-developed hardware technology and our professionally trained remote agents, the ID-Verifi system ensures that access is granted based on the individuals’ rights, not simply by how a fob has been programmed or what doors a key can open.

In short, remote access control ensures that only authorized persons can enter your business. This is the goal of any access control system and it’s one that Birdseye Security Solutions achieves effectively and at a cost that suits your budget. Contact us today to find out more.


The ID-Verifi™ system incorporates several powerful security elements to ensure that only those on your authorized entry list gain access to your facility.

The system incorporates two primary high-definition cameras – one to capture the face of the individual, the other focused on the ID. A Birdseye agent compares these images, ensuring a facial match, and that the individual is present on the authorized access list.

While some access control systems use software to do facial matching, we at Birdseye achieve optimal results with actual humans verifying ID. If necessary, the agent can engage in two-way conversations with the person requesting access to further verify any information needed to ensure identification is correct.

Using ID-Verifi™, agents can quickly process unexpected visitors, vendors, suppliers, or anyone else who may need access to your facility and may not be on your regular access list. Once identification has been verified, further instructions can be given (if required), and access can be granted. This quick, effective, and secure system cannot be duplicated with traditional tools.


Facial recognition software is a remarkable technological achievement. However, as with any technology innovation, it’s never 100% perfect and can be fooled by individuals with nefarious intent.

Birdseye agents doing live comparisons and ID verification provides a more reliable, fool-proof match verified through multiple data points.

All interactions are documented and reported on – allowing us to provide video evidence in the case of any issues or facility incidents. Contact us today to find out more about this robust system.


In addition to providing strong security, remote access control solutions also allow for the creation and analysis of valuable data. For instance, all personnel movements are properly logged, and video recording is archived for future analysis. Our system lets you know exactly who entered your property, when they entered, and where they went.

And unlike onsite security, our remote agents can efficiently “staff” all gates and controlled access doors in a facility 24/7. Traditional onsite security guards simply cannot have their eyes on all areas of a property at once, no matter how many are employed.

All live monitoring cameras are watched by trained security staff. Not only does this allow them to see more of your property than typical guards, but it also ensures that they are able to proactively respond to potential issues or suspicious situations. Other tools may record footage or sound alarms if there is an issue, but only remote video monitoring can stop trespassers or other criminals before they strike.

Trust Birdseye Security Solutions for your access control needs. We are able to keep your business safer and running more efficiently at a cost that is typically lower than traditional tools like onsite guards. For more information on our access control solutions and how we can help your organization, please contact us today.