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Warehouse Security Strategies that Work

How to Improve Warehouse Security

Unfortunately, warehouses are common targets for criminals. There are so many assets stored in these properties that it’s very tempting for those who want to steal as much as possible all at once.

Warehouse Security Strategies that Work

When combined with the fact that warehouses typically have already packaged items that can easily be resold on the black market, it becomes very understandable why theft is common and why warehouse security is so important.

Cargo theft is a significant problem for many warehouses. Not only do these thefts result in serious financial losses, but they can also significantly disrupt business processes and harm the reputation of a company. If you have goods stored in your warehouse that need to be shipped, and if those goods are stolen or damaged in a crime, you won’t be able to meet your commitment to your clients.

This will harm your business and the damage is done to your reputation could result in serious problems for your company.

Therefore, it’s important to take steps to improve warehouse security. However, before you can do this, it’s also important to understand the security challenges that exist.

Common Warehouse Security Challenges

One of the best ways to determine what should be done to improve warehouse security is to understand the challenges at your property. Before doing this, however, it’s important to recognize that each warehouse is different. No two properties are the same and, therefore, the challenges faced by each type of property are very different as well.

However, when looking at warehouse security in general, certain challenges are relatively consistent across various properties. Some of these issues are:

  • The size of the property
    • Many warehouse locations are very large. This can make them challenging to secure for many reasons. The first is that their large size gives criminals places to hide. The larger the property, the more opportunities criminals have to carry out their crimes without being noticed.
    • Large properties are difficult for security guards to monitor. Even if you have several guards making the rounds at a property, it’s nearly impossible for them to see everything that is happening at a site all at once. Even if an onsite guard is alerted to an issue (such as via an alarm sounding), it could take them quite some time to get across the property before the criminals can escape.
  • Lighting issues
    • At many warehouse properties, there is inconsistent or insufficient lighting throughout the property. While it does not make sense to light areas where staff is not currently working, this leaves those areas vulnerable to criminals. They like to strike in dark areas where they are less likely to be spotted. Poor lighting also makes it tough for security guards to see them.
  • The number of possible entrances
    • Even in locations where there is one gate that all vehicles must use, the number of potential entry points at most warehouses is quite large. After all, if the site is protected by a security gate, criminals can and will try to cut through or otherwise damage the gates or fences to get inside. This means you’ll need complete perimeter security 24/7 to prevent this.

Solving Warehouse Security Challenges

Once you have identified the potential challenges at a property, it’s time to create a plan to solve them. One powerful way to do this is by using two-way live remote monitoring services. With live monitoring, cameras are installed in and around the property so that security agents can see everything that is happening at your warehouse and around the perimeter 24/7. This sort of comprehensive security means that the entire warehouse will be secured at all times.

If agents notice any suspicious behavior, such as someone trying to tamper with your gates, they can communicate with the site using two-way speakers. At this point, they can tell the criminals that they are being watched and inform them that police will be called if they do not leave the scene.

Agents can also use the cameras to see in poor lighting since high-definition cameras can capture clear video in almost all lighting conditions.

For more information on live remote monitoring and how it can improve warehouse security, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today.