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Trusted Facility Protocol Administration Services

Birdseye Security Solutions go well beyond simple site surveillance and security.

With our state-of-the-art security monitoring system in place, Birdseye Agents can monitor, intervene and enforce our clients’ site-related protocols – ensuring that policies and procedures don’t just exist on paper, but are actually adhered to in reality.

For instance, if your organization requires that staff wear certain safety equipment or that they take specific precautions when completing their jobs, monitoring staff can watch the site and ensure that all policies are being followed. If staff are not properly following protocol, remote agents can communicate with them directly through two-way speakers and remind them of the procedures.

By regularly supervising and enforcing protocols, clients reduce the risk of a negative event happening, reduce their liability risk, and can improve employee satisfaction and engagement.

Over time, staff will learn that they are being monitored and will ensure that they follow all protocols. This results in a safer and more effective workplace.

Understanding How Remote Monitoring Works

One of the keys to a safe, secure, and efficient workplace is remote video monitoring. This involves installing cameras throughout a workplace along with two-way speakers and other tools. This set up lets remote agents monitor an entire property and communicate with it as necessary.

There are many benefits to using remote monitoring including:

  • It ensures that the entire site is monitored
    • Without cameras, it’s nearly impossible for an entire property to be monitored 24/7. Not only is this often logistically difficult, but it also doesn’t make practical sense.
    • For instance, having managers assigned to enforcing protocols tends to be an ineffective use of their time. While they’re watching for possible violations, they’re not doing other work they should be doing.
  • It saves organization’s money
    • As mentioned, remote monitoring staff can supervise sites and ensure procedures are followed, freeing management and other employees from the role. This makes an organization more effective.
    • It also tends to be much more cost-effective than having specific onsite staff responsible for these roles.
  • It can improve your business
    • Not only will remote monitoring staff work to correct behavior, which will keep your property safe and efficient, but they can also prepare custom reports for company management.
    • These reports can show where protocols are being ignored and highlight possible issues with training as well as opportunities to improve the procedures themselves.

With years of experience in remote security and facility monitoring, we can help your business become safer and more efficient. Contact Birdseye Security Solutions today to find out how we can help.

How Remote Monitoring Improves Safety and Efficiency

When staff and contractors follow procedures and protocols, organizations operate more efficiently. Remote monitoring helps ensure that this is done. Not only can agents communicate directly with those on site to change behaviors and improve situations, but they can also work with management to highlight areas where procedures tend not to be followed.

If management learns that a certain procedure is regularly missed or completed incorrectly, they can provide additional training in this area. This is why the reports prepared by our team are so valuable and such an important part of our service.

In addition to noticing protocol violations and providing detailed reporting to make organizations more efficient, remote monitoring can also improve safety. If those on site are not wearing proper safety equipment, for example, agents can speak with them and ensure that they follow protocol. However, this isn’t the only way remote agents can improve safety.

Agents can also watch for potentially dangerous situations on a site and intervene to correct issues before they become incidents. For instance, if an agent notices that dangerous materials are being stored incorrectly or that an employee isn’t following safety procedures when operating equipment, they can communicate with the employee directly to correct their behavior and improve the situation before it results in an injury.

This is how remote monitoring keeps properties safe and how our protocol administration services make businesses more efficient.

Working with organizations across North America, Birdseye Security Solutions is a leader in remote security, facility monitoring, and protocol administration. To find out how about how we can help your organization, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Our team will be more than happy to help design a system and a program that will improve your business and help you save money.