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How to Improve Construction Site Security


Construction Site Security Improvement Tips

Construction sites are common targets for criminals and that makes construction site security crucial. However, these properties can often be tough to keep safe. They’re usually quite large, quite open, and they contain many valuables.

Assets like machinery, wiring, tools, and many other goods are frequent targets for criminals. Plus, the opportunity for vandalism always exists as well.

How to Improve Construction Site Security

Here are some tips for improving construction site security and strategies that can be used to keep your site safe.

Improve Lighting

Criminals like to hide in the dark. If they can sneak around or tamper with gates or locks without being seen, they’re likely to be able to steal from a site. Since most construction sites are quite large, there are a lot of spaces for criminals to hide. If they’re in the darkness, they may not be spotted by workers or security guards.

To improve site security, install lighting near entrances, equipment and machinery, and other valuable or dangerous areas. This eliminates hiding places, makes it easier for security guards to do their jobs, and deters criminals from striking.

Have a Plan & Make Sure Everyone Buys In

A crucial part of protecting a property is having a plan. It’s important to officially lay out what your company does to prevent theft, vandalism, injuries, and other incidents.

For instance, it could be the policy on your construction site that tools are always placed inside a locked shed when they’re not being used. This should be clearly stated in your plan and this plan should be in writing and posted in a visible location. 

It’s also critical that everyone on the site understands the plan and buys into the process. Make sure that your team understands the importance of security and following the correct protocols. They will also need to know how important it is to report any security threats or incidents. Make sure you have a formal policy in place for doing this.

Protect the Perimeter

Securing the perimeter of your location is a crucial part of construction site security. Having a strong fence and locked gates keeps criminals out. However, fences can be cut or jumped and gates can be tampered with. For this reason, it’s important to have a second layer of security in place.

For example, monitored surveillance cameras can protect your property’s perimeter. Their presence will keep criminals away and the remote security staff who monitor the cameras can take steps to resolve suspicious situations before they escalate into crimes.

Control Access

Controlling access to your construction site is critical. If you don’t have a system designed to keep unauthorized people from entering your site, there could be serious trouble. Many construction sites use gates that are locked by keys or that can be opened with fobs or access cards.

These solutions can work, but they can also pose a potential security risk. That’s because you don’t know who is using a key or card. If these items are lost or stolen, they could be used by a criminal to gain access to a property before anyone notices the problem.

Having security guards or live monitoring agents stationed at the gates instead of using cards or fobs can drastically improve construction site security.

Live video monitoring agents can serve as virtual access control agents. They can use cameras to identify those at the gates and only allow authorized persons to enter the site. This is a quick, efficient, and cost-effective way of controlling access to your construction site.

Adapt to Changes

Construction sites change frequently. As projects are built or as the landscape changes, so does the site. It’s crucial that your security set up changes with it. For instance, if there are surveillance cameras located on the site, they may need to be moved or repositioned as the site evolves.

Otherwise, they might not have a clear view or blind spots could be created by the changes. Having a plan to adjust your security as times goes on will help solve these issues.

When it comes to being adaptable, it’s also important to remember that many construction sites may lack fast and stable internet and some may even have inconsistent (or nonexistent) electricity access. Using a system, such as a remote monitoring trailer, that has access to a generator and strong mobile internet, is a way to resolve these issues.

Remove Unneeded Valuables

If you’re using expensive or valuable tools or equipment on your site, consider removing them from the property when they’re no longer needed. The fewer valuables that are on site, the fewer temptations there are for criminals. Plus, it also means fewer assets to keep track of.

While materials and equipment are on site, keep an accurate inventory and make sure you always know where items are located. This will make it easier for you to spot missing assets.

Monitor the Site

Having eyes on your site 24/7 is important. Criminals are opportunistic. They know that equipment and other valuables will be on-hand at all times and will look for the right opportunity to strike. Often this means attempting to enter in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately, it becomes difficult for security guards to spot criminals in the dark. This is where live video monitoring can improve the situation. Security cameras can capture clear footage even at night.

When your construction site security plan includes live monitoring, security agents can watch your property at all hours. If they notice anything suspicious, agents can use two-way speakers to communicate with the site. They can even contact the police directly if something criminal happens, providing the authorities with all the information they need to deal with the crime in progress.

Not only does monitoring keep sites secure, but they also keep them safe. In addition to watching for criminal activity, agents can also ensure that all safety protocols are followed on the site and communicate directly with anyone who isn’t following proper procedures.

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