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Accident Prevention With Facility Supervision


In large facilities, accident can happen in the blink of an eye. Someone not watching, employees rushing, people using tools or equipment inappropriately – all can be sources of unnecessary accidents. The damage caused can be expensive, and often bring productivity to a halt while these incidents are dealt with.

Accident Prevention With Facility Supervision

What if there was a better way? As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. What if you could prevent some of these accidents before they even happened? If that idea catches your interest, you’re going to love what we’re going to tell you.

Birdseye’s Dedicated Agents can help you prevent accidents before they happen. How? Your dedicated Agent is supervising all aspects of your facility 24/7. Unlike passive monitoring services that can only show you what’s happened in the past, our active supervision incorporates two-way communication, and the ability for our Agents to pro-actively become involved. They are trained to watch not only for incidents that are occurring, but for circumstances that could LEAD to accidents. This changes the game, and is the real value in active monitoring.

Picture an employee improperly using a tool. Your Agent knows how that tool should be used, and sees the potential for your employee to seriously injure themselves. Using Voice-Down™, your Agent communicates politely to the employee to use the tool in a safe manner. Without that active Agent intervention, that employee may have seriously injured themselves a few minutes later.

Is that driver backing that trailer up just a little too sharply? Uh oh, he’s not paying attention on that side and is going to hit another trailer! Our Agent quickly intervenes, using Voice-Down™ to alert the driver and allow him to correct course.

These types of incidents occur on a daily basis in facilities everywhere. Imagine the cost-savings reducing these types of unnecessary issues before they ever happen? At Birdseye, we firmly believe that accident prevention is preferable to accident reporting. Wouldn’t you agree?