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Can Small Security Cameras and Stickers Prevent Break Ins?


Small cameras, are they good?

A major reason that many people choose security cameras is because they want to deter criminals. However, not all cameras are created equal and not all will have the same power to keep criminals away. Find out if having a small security camera or a yard sign helps stop crime and learn the most effective way to deter criminals.

Do Small Security Cameras or Yard Signs Work?

One of the primary functions of a security system is to deter criminals. This is why some people find themselves searching for “small security cameras or yard signs” and other such solutions.

Are Small Security Cameras or Yard Signs Worth It?

There are some situations where these tools work. Criminals don’t want to get caught in the act. If they have two potential targets and one has a small security camera and the other has no protection, they will likely strike the target that is completely unprotected. Even a small yard sign may discourage a criminal from striking in some situations.

However, this is not always the case. Many criminals know that security footage is primarily used for evidence and often only viewed after a crime has been committed. If they can obscure their identities (by wearing a mask, hood, scarf, or other face covering), they know their chances of being identified are quite low. 

If a criminal can leave the scene of a crime without being caught, the reality is that it is unlikely anyone will be able to identify them and charge them with a crime using just the security footage alone.

Since not all small security cameras or yard signs will deter criminals from striking, it’s important to investigate alternate options. This is especially true for business owners, who are more likely to become victims of break ins, smash and grab robberies, vandalism, and many other crimes. 

Deterring Criminals with Security Cameras

As mentioned, not all criminals will be deterred by security cameras. This is even the case for cameras that are connected to alarm systems. If an alarm system is designed to contact police or security guards immediately, it only does so once a crime has already started. This means property damage has likely already happened.

Criminals do not care about your property. They just want to get in and out of a scene as quickly as possible. This means they’ll smash windows, knock down doors, and break whatever they need to gain access to a site. Even if they do not steal anything once they get inside, you will still need to do costly repairs. 

In addition, if cameras are not monitored, police may not give the call the priority it deserves. Unfortunately, false alarms happen and without proof that a crime is underway, you may not get the immediate response you’re hoping for. 

A solution to these potential issues is live remote monitoring.

What is Live Remote Monitoring and How Does It Help?

Live remote monitoring does more than just try to discourage criminals with the threat of small security cameras or yard signs. When a property is protected by live monitoring, agents are watching it 24/7. They don’t just respond once a crime has already happened. Instead, they watch for potentially suspicious or dangerous situations and intervene before these situations escalate into crimes. 

For instance, if agents notice someone lurking around the property, they can communicate with them using two-way speakers. The agent will inform them that they are being watched and that if they do not leave the property, the police will be called. In most cases, the criminals will leave the scene rather than wait to be caught.

Live remote video monitoring is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to security guards.

If they don’t, police can be contacted before the crime actually gets under way, This not only reduces the amount of damage that the criminal will cause, but it also increases the likelihood of them being caught. Plus, police may place a higher priority on the call, since a security agent is watching the scene and providing them with information in real time. 

Criminals know this, and they do not want to be caught and punished for their crimes. For that reason, live monitoring is more powerful and a stronger deterrent than having an unmonitored camera or a sign from a security company in your yard. 

For more information on live remote monitoring and how it can protect your property and keep your location safe, do not hesitate to contact Birdseye Security Solutions today. We can help you find the right security solution for your needs and help you deter criminals and keep your property safe. Find out what we can do by giving us a call or sending us a message online.