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Creating Comprehensive Rail Yard Security Plans

The Importance of Proactive Rail Yard Security Plans

When it comes to having the right rail yard security plans, one of the most important things you can do is to be proactive. Any breach of a rail yard, train, or other associated property can be very significant.

Not only can considerable assets be stolen, but if any trains, equipment, or the rail yard itself is damaged, this can be catastrophic.

Creating Comprehensive Rail Yard Security Plans

Railways are often considered to be the backbone of a nation’s economy. They are vital parts of the commerce supply chain and critical infrastructure. Even a small issue can be devastating for businesses and the economy as a whole.

If criminals manage to gain access to a secure site, even for a short time, they can cause serious damage. Criminals move quickly. Once they get in, it’s not difficult for them to steal items, vandalize property, and worse.

Alarm systems and unmonitored cameras are not proactive solutions. Instead, they serve to attract attention to a crime that is in progress or capture evidence that can be used later. Unfortunately, criminals are not deterred by these security tools.

Common Flaws with Rail Yard Security Plans

  • Criminals move quickly. They often aim to get in and out of a property within just a few minutes.
  • They know that once an alarm sounds, it takes time for a person to respond to the alarm.
  • Even when an alarm system is designed to contact someone as soon as it is triggered, the alarm will only sound once the property has already been breached.
  • The same is true for unmonitored surveillance cameras or CCTV systems. Unless these cameras are being watched 24/7, they are primarily useful for capturing evidence and proving what happened during a crime.
  • However, criminals know that they can cover their faces with masks or scarves while committing crimes. This makes it incredibly difficult (if not impossible) to identify them.

Security guards are often used as part of many rail yard security plans. Guards can serve as a proactive solution, which is a benefit. A security guard who spots suspicious behavior can take steps to prevent a crime from occurring. However, while this can work to deter criminals and prevent crimes, it should not be the only security tool that is used. There are several reasons why.

  1. Guards cannot be everywhere at once and they cannot see everything that happens at a site.
  2. Criminals often scout out property and strike when guards are in a different area or otherwise engaged (such as when they are attending to another issue, etc.).
  3. Criminals also often strike at night, when it’s tough for guards to spot them.
  4. There is also the unfortunate fact that criminals may try to distract or even threaten onsite security guards.

Preparing Strong Rail Yard Security Plans

When you include live remote monitoring as a part of your rail yard security plan, these issues are avoided. Security cameras can be positioned so that live agents can see the entire property inside and out 24/7. There is no way that criminals can avoid being spotted by security agents. They are also unable to threaten or distract remote agents.

If the remote security team notices any potentially dangerous or criminal behavior, they can use the speakers that are a part of the remote security setup to inform the criminals that they are being watched and tell them that they must leave immediately, or the police will be called.

This stops a potential crime before it even has a chance to start. For more information on live remote monitoring and how rail yard security plans are more comprehensive and more successful, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today.