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Finding the Right Industrial Security Camera Monitoring Solution

Understanding the Industrial Security Camera Monitoring Options

There are numerous challenges to protecting industrial sites. One of the most crucial is that these sites are large, which can make it very difficult for staff or security guards to see what is going on at all times. Another challenge is that there is often a great variety to the property.

Finding the Right Industrial Security Camera Monitoring Solution

Some areas are indoors, some are outside. Some are very tight spaces while others are wide open. The level of access is often different, the lighting is often different, and the risks and threats are often different.

For this reason, many property owners choose to use industrial security camera monitoring to protect their sites.

However, before choosing a security option, it’s important to understand the available options and how those options may apply to your property. Understanding both the different available security types as well as knowing what your specific site requires are both important.

Industrial Security Options

Some of the most common types of security at industrial sites are security guards and surveillance cameras. Both of these types are examples of “active security,” since the security team can spot situations and react to them before they become dangerous.

While security guards can scout for dangerous or criminal activity at a site, since many industrial sites are quite large, it often takes a very large number of guards to protect the site properly. And, even in these cases, guards cannot see everything at once.

Live remote monitoring is designed to solve these issues. High-definition cameras are installed around the site, agents can view the property in real-time. Since cameras can be installed anywhere, the security team can watch the entire site at once.

They can also interact with the property using two-way speakers. This lets them inform suspicious individuals that they are being watched and deter them from striking.

Understanding Industrial Site Security Threats

Criminals commonly target industrial sites. There are many different assets on the site that could be sought-after by criminals. Keeping them safe is important.

Since many industrial sites are quite large, there are often numerous entry points as well as many places for criminals to hide and move around without being spotted by security guards. This makes security cameras and live monitoring so important for protecting these properties.

In addition to crime, those who manage industrial sites also need to watch out for injuries and other incidents. Depending on the property, there can be various aspects of an industrial site that could cause serious injury or illness.

For instance, chemicals or heavy machinery could be on site and these may require specialized skills and training. Specific safety protocols may be required as well.

The security option at your site should be able to recognize these situations and work to prevent any dangerous behavior that could cause illness or injury.

How Live Remote Security Camera Monitoring Works

As mentioned, live remote monitoring can be a powerful way to protect an industrial site. This power comes from the ability to not only view the property in real-time, but also the ability to intervene in situations. This can be helpful when it comes to preventing crime as well as preventing workplace injuries.

If agents notice suspicious behavior that they believe could lead to criminal activity, they can intervene using two-way speakers to deter the criminal. However, this process can also work to improve safety.

If agents notice unsafe behavior or anyone not following protocols or procedures, they can interject to prevent an incident.

Footage will also be retained for training purposes and all information about the potential threat or injury will be sent to management. This can help management determine if additional training is needed, if protocols or procedures need to be changed, or if any other action should be taken.

If your business is looking for live industrial security camera monitoring solutions, contact the team at Birdseye Security today.

We understand the importance of using the right security system for the specific property in question. There is no “one size fits all” option. Finding the right solution takes knowledge and expertise. We’re here to help.