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Finding the Right Warehouse Security Camera System

Choosing a Warehouse Security Camera System

When it comes to protecting a warehouse, there are several options available. However, a common one is using some type of warehouse security camera system. There are many reasons why businesses choose to use security cameras. One is that video footage is quite powerful. It can tell you what has happened at a property, it can help you identify security weak points, and it is very useful for employee training and other purposes. However, surveillance footage on its own does not stop criminals.

Finding the Right Warehouse Security Camera System

That’s because someone needs to respond to the crime. If the footage is just recorded, and no one responds to stop the criminals, all you’re doing is capturing video that can be used as evidence. Criminals know this, so they often cover their faces with hoods or scarves when they commit a crime.

They also aim to get in and out of the site as quickly as possible. This means even if you have an alarm system that is triggered by motion or other actions, there’s a good chance the criminals will be long gone before anyone can stop them.

So how do you use a warehouse security camera system to prevent crime rather than just capture evidence? The key is to monitor the system 24/7.

Using a Live Remote Monitored Warehouse Security Camera System

Live remote monitoring turns a warehouse security camera system from a passive tool into an active one. What this means is that, when cameras are monitored 24/7, agents can spot suspicious activity and prevent it from occurring. This means they can stop crimes before they happen.

A live monitoring system works by placing cameras, two-way speakers, and other tools around a property. These tools let trained security agents monitor the property at all times. If they notice anything, such as a person lurking around the warehouse gates, they can immediately act to deter the criminal.

For instance, the agent can use the speakers to communicate with the site and let the person know that they are being watched and that police will be called if they do not leave the scene immediately.

This deters criminals since they know that if police are called before they can even get into the property, the chances of them being caught in the act are significantly higher. Police often treat these calls as a higher priority as well, since there is an active crime in progress.

Live monitoring does more than just protect a warehouse from breaking and entering, however.

Agents can use the cameras to see what is happening inside the property 24/7. Unfortunately, sometimes criminals try to get jobs working at a warehouse so that they can steal items from the inside. During busy times of the year, companies may need to hire staff quickly, so they might not check references or do background checks.

With live monitoring cameras, agents can see what is happening at all times and they can react to stop inside jobs before they happen. If they notice an employee stealing items or placing them in a strange location (such as by the gates or near the garbage area so they can be picked up later), the agents will respond immediately using the site’s two-way speakers.

Not only will the crime be prevented, but the system will capture live video of the employee which will be sent to management to review.

Live monitoring agents can also handle access control duties at warehouses. In these cases, cameras are installed at the gates and anyone who wishes to enter must show their ID to the camera and explain to the remote security team who they are and why they want to access.

The agents will verify their ID, match the photo to the person’s face, and ensure that they are on the authorized list before letting them in. The security team can also use the cameras to watch the person as they move through the site.

For more information on live remote monitoring and how it can turn a warehouse security camera system from a passive tool into an active way to deter criminals and prevent crime, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today. Our team is here to help you find the right tools to protect your property.