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Five Ways You Can Improve Your Warehouse Security System

Tips for Improving your Warehouse Security System

Having the right warehouse security system is important. Criminals often target warehouses in many different ways and many different types of crimes, because they know these sites contain valuables that they can steal and resell on the black market quite easily. This means you’ll want to make sure that your warehouse security system is functioning at its best. Here are some tips that will drastically improve security at your warehouse facility.

Five Ways You Can Improve Your Warehouse Security System

Use Proper Lighting

Criminals like to work in the dark. They know it’s much harder for the staff or security guards to see them, and that means they have a better chance of getting away with their crime. Consider using motion-activated lights or another type of lighting system that makes it more difficult for criminals to hide.

Screen Employees and Companies

Having the right warehouse security system and policies in place doesn’t just mean working to stop break-ins and smash and grab robbers. Fraud and deception are common ways that criminals steal from warehouses. For these reasons, it’s important to run background checks on all potential employees and to contact their references before you hire anyone.

When working with a new company, ensure that you have their full business address, contact information, registration numbers, and much more. Otherwise, you could become a victim of fraud.

Track your Inventory

If you don’t have accurate, real-time inventory, it becomes very difficult to know when something is missing. This makes it hard to know if a crime has happened, and there’s a good chance that the criminals will be long gone before you even recognize that anything is missing. If you don’t know how or when crimes are happening, it becomes very tough to stop them.

Using live remote monitoring tools, inventory can be tracked from the moment it arrives at the site and this tracking will continue in real-time as it moves through the site. If anything happens to any assets, you’ll know right away, and can react to stop any potential issues before they escalate.

Protect the Perimeter

One reason that criminals strike warehouses is that these properties are quite large. They know that it isn’t possible for security guards to see everything that is happening. If criminals can get into your site without being spotted, there’s a good chance that they can avoid security, take what they’re looking for, and leave quickly.

By securing the perimeter, you keep criminals out and prevent them from doing damage. Live remote monitoring solutions can keep your perimeter safe. Using cameras positioned so agents can see everything that’s happening, the remote security team will watch for any suspicious activity.

If anything is noticed (such as a person looking for a way through your gates), the agents will inform the person that they are being watched by a live security team and tell them that the police will be called if they do not leave the area immediately.

This keeps criminals out and your warehouse safe.

Use the Right Access Control

As mentioned, keeping criminals out of your site is one of the keys to protecting your warehouse. Even when criminals are unsuccessful, they still get serious (and costly) damage if they’re able to get into a property. The right access control can keep them out.

Live remote monitoring agents can take responsibility for access control at warehouses. When anyone arrives at the gate, they will be required to show their face and their identification to the cameras. Agents will verify that they are who they say they are, then confirm that they are authorized to enter the site.

Once inside, agents can monitor all visitors as they move through the property, to ensure that nothing suspicious, dangerous, or criminal occurs.

Choosing a Live Monitored Warehouse Security System

Live video monitoring provides many significant benefits over other warehouse security system options. Since these tools provide 24/7 proactive protection, inside and out, they keep your warehouse safe from criminals and other issues that may occur.

Birdseye Security Solutions is a North American leader in video monitoring and facility supervision. We use state-of-the-art technology combined with professional and experienced security teams to keep your site secure and operating efficiently. For more information on these tools and how they can help your business, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our team is here for you.

Whether you’re dealing with truck yard security, automotive storage and management facilities, or rail yard security, our comprehensive solutions can provide the protection your warehouse needs.