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How Mobile Surveillance Protects Construction Sites?


The Benefits of Mobile Video Surveillance at Construction Sites

Mobile surveillance is an excellent way to secure construction sites. Construction areas have unique security needs. Many people come in and out of these sites throughout the day, but there are also long periods where the site is empty (such as at night.) The result is that detailed security and access control is required and the type of security needed changes throughout the day.

Mobile Video Surveillance

There are other challenges associated with construction sites as well. Not only are these locations temporary, but they often lack some important infrastructure that is typically required for security systems. For instance, the site may be lacking enough walls for which to hang cameras, or they may not have sufficient internet access.

Mobile video surveillance systems solve these problems. These security systems can provide monitoring, access control, and strong security in challenging locations such as construction sites.

How Mobile Surveillance Improves Construction Site Security

There are significant challenges with protecting construction sites. In addition to the number of visitors and workers that may enter and exit a site each day, there are also concerns about logistical issues. At permanent sites, cameras can be installed in fixed locations. However, not only are construction sites usually lacking walls or other structures to which cameras can be attached, but the sites change frequently as the construction project continues. This means cameras may need to move as construction progresses.

Of course, construction sites still need to be protected, despite these challenges. Not only are there many valuables on most sites, but these properties can also be quite dangerous. They need to be secured so that visitors are not able to enter restricted or dangerous areas and so that strangers cannot enter at all.

Effectively protecting a security site requires effective access control. A mobile camera system accompanied by lights, speakers, and other security tools, can keep these properties safe.

Remote video monitoring systems are designed to handle the challenges of construction site security.

A mobile surveillance system typically includes:

  1. A flexible and self-contained surveillance solution
    1. Cameras can be installed on poles, walls, roofs, or other locations depending on the physical area
    2. These tools feature a battery back-up so they can function properly even on sites that have an inconsistent electricity supply
    3. The system can operate on broadband or mobile internet
  2. Mobile trailers
    1. Using mobile trailers allows for a surveillance set up that can quickly be deployed and one that can be relocated throughout a site as necessary.
    2. This allows for a truly flexible and adaptable solution.
  3. 24/7 camera monitoring
    All cameras are monitored by security professionals at all times. This means you’ll always have an experienced person to react to anything that may occur.
    1. This sort of detailed surveillance means that security staff can respond to suspicious situations as soon as they happen, reducing the likelihood of a break-in or other crime.
    2. If something criminal does occur, the security team can contact the authorities right away and provide them with all the information they need.
    3. Cameras can also be monitored remotely by using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. This lets supervisors and managers know what is happening at all times.

Not only does mobile video surveillance provide significant protection, but it is often more cost-effective as well. Comparing traditional security guards to mobile surveillance shows a major difference. Guards simply cannot watch over every inch of a property 24/7. Not only would hiring enough guards to do this be very logistically difficult, but it would also be incredibly costly. With mobile surveillance, cameras can be positioned to cover the entire property. Not only can they see the entire property, but they can also capture clear video even in poor lighting conditions, such as at night. This is a significant advantage over a security guard.

Using Mobile Video Surveillance at Other Industrial Sites

In addition to stopping crime and unwanted entry at construction sites, mobile video surveillance technology can also be used to protect other industrial properties such as warehouses, car lots, storage facilities, and other such properties.

To find out more about how a mobile camera system combined with remote monitoring can protect your property, please do not hesitate to contact us today.