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How Security System Monitoring Works


How Security System Monitoring Keeps Properties Safe

Keeping properties safe is important, especially in large locations such as truck yards, automotive lots, and other such areas. Not only are these properties big in size, but they also have many security challenges. For example, large properties often have many people coming in and out throughout the day. Some are regular employees, but others are visitors, contractors, and other third parties. It’s critical to have a solution that permits access to those who are authorized, while keeping others out.

How Security System Monitoring Works

Safety is also critical at large sites such as truck yards. Not only is it important to verify that all safety protocols are followed, but it’s also crucial to become aware of any damage to vehicles as soon as possible, before they leave the lot.

Finally, any good integrated security system should be designed to identify and deter potential criminals. With security system monitoring, all of these goals are accomplished.

Security system monitoring services work by installing cameras, two-way speakers, and other important sensors around a property. These tools make it possible for live security agents to monitor what happens at a site 24/7. If there is an incident, agents can communicate with the property to ask questions, provide guidance, or deter criminals. They can also call the appropriate emergency authorities (fire, police, paramedics, etc.) if needed.

Remote monitoring services can also be responsible for gate access. Agents can use cameras and two-way speakers to verify identities, ask questions as required, assign parking spaces, and much more. By using security system monitoring, Toronto businesses and those throughout North America are able to keep their properties safe.

Comparing Monitored Security to Passive Cameras or Security Guards

Alternatives to live security system monitoring often include passive surveillance cameras and onsite security guards. While these tools have some benefits, they also have weaknesses that live monitoring services can address.

For instance, if your surveillance cameras are not being actively monitored, they only serve as evidence after a crime has already happened. Agents who are watching monitored cameras can spot suspicious situations and act before they turn into serious crimes. This is not possible with passive security cameras. All these cameras can do is show you what happened after it’s already occurred.

When it comes to criminal activity, most criminals hide their faces using hoods or masks. This means footage that is reviewed later may not be helpful in an investigation. However, if agents can see criminals before they strike, they can act by using lighting, sound, or two-way voice communication to deter the criminals. They can also contact the police right away, while the incident is occurring, which places an increased priority on the call.

Onsite security guards can react to crimes before they happen, but they simply cannot cover every inch of a property all at once. In addition, traditional security guards can quickly become cost-prohibitive while security system monitoring can achieve complete coverage and often at a much lower cost.

Monitored cameras also have the advantage of not being able to be intimidated or overwhelmed by criminals. They also tend to function more effectively at night, capturing clear footage even in lowlight conditions while guards may have difficulty seeing in these circumstances. Cameras can also utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to see more than the human eye and to spot situations that may otherwise be missed.

Choosing A Good Integrated Security System Monitoring – Toronto and Beyond

When it comes to choosing the right security monitoring system for your company, it’s important to think of your needs.

  • What sort of coverage are you looking for?
  • Do you want perimeter monitoring only or would you also like to watch over interior spaces as well?
  • Are you interested in access control solutions?
  • Do you need parking management solutions?

Birdseye Security is a North American leader in remote security and facility operation. Our dedicated team understands the crucial importance of serving our clients and keeping businesses safe and secure. For more information on our services and how we can help you, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Security is a key concern for anyone operating a business. Depending on the type of organization you operate, you will likely face a variety of different threats. Finding the right solution requires more than just searching for “security systems Toronto” or “surveillance near me” and choosing the first option that looks good. To determine what sort of protection you’ll need, it’s first necessary to look at the security challenges that your business faces.

For instance, the security needs of a truck yard will be different than the needs of a warehouse and both will have different needs than a multi-residential building like a condominium. Look at your property and see which weaknesses you can spot.

Try to think like a criminal. If you were trying to gain access, what would you do? Where would you strike? Remember that, in many cases, criminals have no respect for property. They will cut through fences or use tools (or even vehicles) to smash their way into a site. Criminals also like to work in the darkness or in places where they cannot be seen. If there are areas around your property where someone could hide, find these spots and secure them.

Of course, integrated systems can do more than prevent intruders from forcibly breaking into a location. Access control is an important part of maintaining safety and security. You want to make sure that anyone who enters the property through any standard entrance is authorized to get in. Combing strong security with access control tools makes your location a safer place.

“How Do I Find the Right Surveillance Near Me?”

There are a lot of security options out there, but once you understand what you need, the answer to the question “how do I find the right surveillance near me?” becomes a bit clearer. The goal is to find a solution that meets your needs, solves your security issues, and keeps your business safe. Of course, it’s also important that the option be cost-effective. Every business has a bottom line.

One strong choice when it comes to security systems is mobile video surveillance. This solution involves using video cameras along with speakers and other sensors to watch over a property. Once installed, the system will be watched by live monitoring agents, 24/7. These tools can be used for perimeter security as well as for monitoring activity inside your business.

This means that whatever happens in or around your property, security professionals will know about it, and they can respond quickly. The agents can react proactively to suspicious situations as they occur.

For instance, if agents notice someone lurking outside your business, they can use lights, alarms, or two-way voice systems to let the person know they are being watching and deter them from committing a crime. This isn’t possible with passive tools such as unmonitored cameras or alarms. With these systems, you aren’t aware that a crime has happened until after it’s already occurred. This means criminals could have likely caused significant damage and left the site before anyone was able to react.

Comparing Live Monitoring Security Systems to Onsite Security Guards

Many properties use onsite security guards. While this allows for proactive protection (guards can react to situations in progress and take steps to prevent issues from escalating), there are still significant weaknesses to using only guards at a property. The first is that it isn’t possible for guards to have eyes on every inch of a property at all times.

Live remote video monitoring is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to security guards.

This is even less likely at a large site. Even if you have security stationed at every entry point and other guards making rounds throughout the property, there will still be sections that are left unprotected. Criminals will exploit this weakness.

Another potential weakness is that guards may have issues seeing clearly in certain conditions, such as at night. Many criminals like to work in the darkness, because they know it becomes tougher to see them in these conditions. Security cameras can capture clear footage, even at night.

In addition, there are situations where criminals could potentially be distracted, overwhelmed, or even intimidated by a large group of criminals. If monitoring agents notice criminals on your property, they can contact the police immediately, providing them with details of the crime in progress. This may even place a greater priority on your call, since it’s an active crime scene.

Finally, using enough security guards to effectively watch over a large property can quickly get very expensive. Remote monitoring systems are often a more cost-effective option.

If you’re looking for a full integrated security systems Toronto and beyond, trust remote monitoring from Birdseye Security Solutions. We can help you get the right tools to protect your business. For more information, please contact us today.