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Parking Management Services


How To Improve Parking Management

Large transportation and trucking companies usually have large parking lots. It’s crucial that these lots are properly organized. Unless there is a strong system in place for assigning, monitoring, and enforcing parking spaces, there can be chaos. Drivers may end up having to walk through the lot looking at trailer numbers to find the right one. Not only is this time consuming but it’s also very frustrating. The result is lost time, more stress than is needed, and often low morale. This is why accurate parking management is so important.

Parking management service

If you’re looking to improve the process at your company, one way to do this is to modernize it. This can be done through live video monitoring.

Potential Problems with Traditional Parking Management Strategies

At many truck yards, parking management has typically been handled by gate security guards. At first thought, this may make sense. After all, guards are responsible for allowing people onto the lot, so they can also be responsible for where they park, right? Unfortunately, in practice, this method has several flaws.

The first is that gate security guards are required to stay at the gate. This means they may be able to assign spots when a vehicle arrives, but they aren’t able to see if the correct spot is actually used. Being unable to monitor and enforce parking spots could mean mass confusion.

If one driver accidentally parks in the wrong spot, that spot becomes unavailable to someone else. If another driver is assigned that spot later, and they find it occupied, they may park in a different spot as well. After this has happened a few times, the lot becomes very disorganized and it becomes incredibly difficult to find specific vehicles.

Another possible issue is that most guards keep parking logs manually, often by writing spot assignments on paper. In these situations, penmanship can be an issue. It’s not uncommon for someone to write a 6 that could be a 5 or a 0 that could be a 6, for instance. When these situations occur, it can be tough for the next guard to assign spots accurately following a shift change.

There is also the fact that guards often have duties other than just parking management. If they are writing spot information in the logbook, for example, and another security issue arises, they’ll need to stop what they’re doing and they may not come back to their original task later.

How Live Monitoring Improves Parking Management

Live monitoring services can streamline parking management and ensure accuracy and efficiency. Live monitoring works by installing cameras, two-way speakers, and other sensors around a property. These tools are then monitored by live agents. This means that not only are agents able to see everything that happens on the lot, but they can also be responsible for gate security and parking management.

When a driver pulls up to the gate, the monitoring agent can identify them and assign them a parking spot. This spot is electronically logged. The agent can then ensure that the driver parks the vehicle or trailer in the assigned spot by watching the cameras. If the driver makes a mistake, the agent can communicate with them directly using the two-way speaker system. This ensures that errors are caught right away and corrected before they can become larger problems.

With remote monitoring, all details are logged electronically. This means that truck and trailer numbers, assigned spaces, arrival and departure times, and much more are all easily available in real-time. When a driver needs to pick up a trailer before a delivery, for example, the remote agent can direct them to the exact spot with ease. This saves time and eliminates the chance of a driver walking through the lot looking for a vehicle or accidentally picking up the wrong load.

Remote parking management tools can be used at any property where specific parking instructions are important. This includes secure facilities or other locations where lots must be managed to protect sensitive areas.

For more information on how Birdseye remote monitoring can improve and streamline parking management at your business, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our team will be more than happy to speak with you about our services.