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How Transparency with Security Cameras Can Improve Business


Transparency Equals More Profit

Can security cameras and satellite tracking devices help increase profits? The answer to that question is YES, but before explaining how and why, let’s explore what the art of selling looks like in today’s marketplace.

Trucking companies and other organizations can increase business through increased transparency and by effectively using security cameras and monitoring. Find out how.

Today, more than ever, trucking companies and carriers need to differentiate themselves and demonstrate a very convincing value proposition for the services they provide in an increasingly crowded place. The old, “on time delivery” promise is no longer enough on its own.

The competitive transportation industry is changing quickly, and carriers that do not adapt fast enough are causing major mistrust in the eyes of the customer. This hurts their businesses and can cause them to lose out to their competition.

Today’s customers want to know more about who you are as a company before making any long-term commitments. A true description of your facility and your equipment is very important, as transparency is the new trend in sales. It’s no different than the dating game when you’re trying to impress that special someone to get into a serious relationship and they are playing hard to get.

Providing your customers with insight in your day-to-day operations with the utmost transparency will give them the confidence to want to do business with you.

Having an up-to-date website, frequent social media posts, and all-star cold callers will only get you to first base. Once you get to this point, any feelings of mistrust will reduce confidence and ultimately cause you to strike out;  therefore, you must offer maximum transparency.

What Does Transparency Mean in Business?

Transparency means more than just being open and honest with your processes, what your company does, and what your organization believes in. Customers also want to see that you actually do what you say you do.

Sharing live access to your satellite devices and facility’s security cameras is a great way to demonstrate that you have nothing to hide. Trucking customers want to know where their shipment is in real time, for instance. They appreciate the ability to visually verify that their cargo’s temporary home is operated by professionals and that their shipment is safe.

If you think that this is too much transparency, think again. To win high-value loads, some carriers have begun installing live camera feeds on their tractors. Customers are offered real-time video monitoring of the driver, front of truck, and side mirrors. They always know what’s happening with their shipment and how your team is treating their cargo.

Yes, things can go wrong, and the company could end up sharing information that is normally kept internal. However, many things can go right, and the confidence and trust that is built via this transparency will create strong and long-lasting relationships with customers and affiliated parties such as trucking insurers.

Mistakes are typically forgiven if it can be demonstrated that you are striving for professionalism at all times. Increased transparency will also force your company to improve all aspects of your operation, including safety and compliance. When you are fully aware that your cameras are being monitored by customers in real time, you will likely refer to them more frequently to enforce general company policy.

You will find yourself voicing-down drivers via loudspeakers when they are not wearing safety gear and/or failing to complete circle-checks in real-time. If you do not have the time to constantly watch your cameras and enforce best practices at your facility, you can always hire a third party to take care of this for you. Birdseye remote monitoring can be a great option.

Our trained remote agents can watch over your property and ensure that all protocols and policies are followed. For more information on how remote monitoring can improve transparency at your company, please contact us today.

In many cases, not only will using our remote monitoring services provide your organization with greater transparency, but it is a very cost-effective way to maintain your property and impress your customers.

By being transparent and providing access to your security system, not only will your day-to-day operations and sales pitch improve, but as a result your bottom-line profits will increase as well.