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Key Management

Key Management Video

No matter what type of security system you are using, there will be some instances where physical keys are necessary. For instance, this is true at truck yards. Drivers need to be able to access vehicle keys so they can drive. However, it’s important that these keys be secured. Otherwise, they could easily end up in the wrong hands.

With Birdseye Security Solutions, keys will be protected from loss or theft. By using the Birdseye System, keys can be remotely issued to drivers via a secured keylocker that is located in an access-controlled building. The system works by requiring that drivers show identification before they can enter the building holding the keys. Once inside, the driver’s identity is validated once more before keys are issued.

The driver must show their identification card (either government ID or employer-provided ID, depending on the requirements) and the monitoring agent will compare their ID photo to their physical appearance. This validation process ensures that only authorized individuals can access keys. 

Relevant details are logged and reported to clients. These reports are critical, since they provide the business with valuable data. Clients will know exactly who requested which keys and when, and this information can be used to track activities, ensure that drivers are on schedule, and much more. 

After ID validation, the keylocker is opened, and a key is issued. Not only does this process ensure that only authorized drivers are able to get keys, but it also provides checks and balances to make sure the correct key is taken. Inside the keylocker, the key slot lights up – making it easy for the driver to identify. 

The process not only makes key management significantly more secure, but it reduces the risk of mishaps, incorrect keys being taken, keys being lost, and other issues. This streamlines the business and helps it run more efficiently and accurately. 

Trust Remote Monitoring for Key Management

Remote monitoring is a powerful choice when it comes to security, access control, key management, and other activities. With high-definition cameras in place, Birdseye Agents can watch over a property 24/7. This is significantly more efficient and cost-effective than having a person or onsite guard handle key management.

Plus, remote agents cannot be distracted, nor can they be intimidated or threatened into allowing access. Agents can focus on their work despite any conditions on the site, and they can also easily maintain detailed electronic records, which is difficult for onsite guards to accomplish. 

All interactions are recorded, and these records are retained as requested by the client. Should any issues arise, video footage can be used to verify what happened at the scene. This sort of security, transparency, and accountability ensure that properties are running at peak levels of efficiency and security.

For more information on remote video monitoring, access control, and key management, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today. As a North American leader in remote security and facility monitoring, we understand what it takes to keep properties safe, secure, and running efficiently.