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Onsite GPS Tracking

Onsite GPS TrackingVideo

It’s important that trucking yards, warehouses, and other such sites keep track of the assets on their properties. If a trailer or container is misplaced, it becomes a lengthy and frustrating process to try and locate it. However, locating it is crucial.

If assets are misplaced, this slows down deliveries and could even potentially result in the wrong containers or trailers being delivered. This negatively affects your business and can significantly harm your reputation.

Onsite GPS tracking makes it possible to always know where trailers and containers are, so you will not only find them easily when you need them, but you can track them as they move throughout a site. This means that not only will they be easily traceable whenever you need them, but that you can also monitor them for suspicious activity.

Birdseye Security Solutions makes onsite GPS tracking convenient and cost-effective. As a North American leader in remote security and facility monitoring, we understand the crucial importance of tracking assets and running a streamlined and efficient business.

The process is simple and tracked every step of the way. During in-gating, drivers can collect a removable GPS transponder to track containers and trailers onsite.

The truck, container, and GPS transponder information is logged by the agent during the in-gating process. These statistics are retained so that it is clearly known who collected the transponder and on which container or trailer it was placed. This leads to greater accountability and organization.

When transponders are picked up, agents verify that the driver places the transponder on the container prior to opening the gate. This is done using high-definition cameras that are installed at the site. This information is also recorded and retained.

Birdseye Security Solutions Keeps Truck Yards Running Efficiently

Losing track of containers or trailers on a property can be devastating for a business. If containers are misplaced or cannot be found for any reason, this can cause a business to come grinding to a halt. Not only will it mean that shipments may not leave on time, but this can also disrupt the overall flow of your business. Once this happens, it takes time for the process to get back up to speed.

Clients want to work with companies that are efficient and trustworthy, so losing track of trailers or containers will negatively affect your company and hurt your bottom line. With live remote monitoring and onsite GPS tracking, your company will be more organized, faster, and more successful.

Thanks to high-definition cameras installed at the site, the collection of the removable GPS transponders can be monitored at the exit gate. Drivers will be reminded by agents through two-way speakers if they do not remote the GPS transponder and store it correctly. Agents can even deny exit from the site if necessary.

Birdseye Security Solutions has been providing live facility monitoring and security solutions across North American for years. For more information on our company, and how our onsite GPS tracking tools can improve your business, please do not hesitate to contact us today.