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Paperwork Management

Paperwork Management Video

Paperwork can be tedious and time consuming. It can also be lost, misplaced, or misinterpreted if writing is not clear. However, paperwork is also very important. Even in today’s “paperless” age, there are still bills of materials, shipping manifests, and other documents that are vital to many industries, such as the trucking industry. 

For these reasons, paperwork-related requirements are among the most frequently requested custom gate-related procedures. With Birdseye’s Remote Monitoring system, paperwork management is convenient, secure, accurate, and handled efficiently. 

With the Birdseye System, paperwork is printed remotely for outgoing drivers. This means they’ll immediately and conveniently have all the paperwork they need without any hassle. The printer is located in a secure building near the gate, so not only is it easy for drivers to access, but it’s also secure.

Live monitoring agents can use cameras to verify the identity of drivers and ensure that not only are authorized persons the only ones who are allowed access to the printer, but they will verify that the paperwork is given to the correct driver. This reduces errors and ensures that the paperwork always matches the shipment. 

Having an organized and efficient system for printing and distributing paperwork helps truck yards, warehouses, and other such facilities work efficiently and without errors. With guidance from the Birdseye Agent, the driver collects papers before exiting the yard.

The Importance of Paperwork Management

Errors with paperwork can not only cause delays, but they can also result in late or incorrect shipments. This hurts a business financially, but it also harms its reputation. Drivers don’t want to make mistakes and they don’t want to be slowed down, but they also don’t want to deal with a lot of hassle and inconvenience.

With Birdseye handling paperwork management, the entire process runs smoothly and efficiently. This is a boost for your business and your team.

Birdseye can also handle incoming paperwork for drivers arriving at the lot. Inbound drivers can scan barcodes for incoming loads in the same secure location. Again, this ensures accuracy and makes sure that every load is properly documented and recorded. 

In keeping with the aim of convenience, speed, and accuracy, proper set-up of the system allows the Birdseye Agent to log and record load-related information without requiring the driver to dismount from the truck. This sort of convenient and streamlined system is as popular with drivers as it is effective.

All records are retained according to client specifications and all data is supported by video footage. This means it can easily be recalled and viewed whenever necessary. Birdseye Security uses high-definition cameras and two-way speakers to view and communicate with drivers, ensuring that the client’s processes are always followed accurately. 

Birdseye Security Solutions is a North American leader in remote facility monitoring and security. We understand the importance of having an efficient, safe, and secure process for handling and processing paperwork.

Clients trust us for our dedication, experience, focus, and commitment to excellent service. For more information on paperwork management, access control, truck yard monitoring, or any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We can help make your business more efficient, safe, and productive.