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Rail Yard Security Options and How They Work

Understanding the Rail Yard Security Options

Protecting rail yards and the assets stored in these yards is crucial. Not only is there a significant financial cost associated with theft from trains, trailers, and storage areas, but there are also national security risks that cannot be overlooked.

rail yard security options

Here is an outline of the rail yard security options that are available, how they each work to try and prevent crime, and some tips that can help you choose the right service.

The Different Rail Yard Security Options

While there are many rail yard security options, the choices often come in the form of three rather broad categories:

  • Alarm systems, either monitored or unmonitored
  • Surveillance cameras, either monitored or unmonitored
  • Security guards

These categories are each very large and they each encompass many different options, with each having its positives and potential drawbacks.

Proactive Protection

An important consideration when you’re looking at rail yard security options is if they provide proactive protection. This means that steps are being taken to actively prevent crimes from happening, rather than just responding to crimes that have already occurred.

Live Monitoring vs Passive Monitoring

While cameras and alarm systems can be monitored, it’s important to understand the difference between live monitoring and passive monitoring. Live remote monitoring is a proactive tool, with agents watching the cameras 24/7, allowing them to interject and prevent crimes before they happen. Passive monitoring only triggers a response once a crime is already in progress.

Live Monitoring and Security Guards

Another type of active security that is common among rail yard security options is onsite security guards. However, there are significant differences between guards and live monitoring services:

  • Guards cannot be everywhere at once, while live monitoring cameras can capture everything that happens at a site 24/7
  • High-definition cameras can capture clear footage in almost all conditions, while guards might have difficulty seeing in certain conditions
  • Live remote monitoring agents cannot be threatened, distracted, or otherwise prevented from doing their jobs, while guards may be vulnerable to threats or violence

For more information on rail yard security options and why live remote monitoring is such a strong choice for protecting these properties, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today. Our team can help you find the right solution for your property, keeping the site and the assets on site, safe from criminals. We have the experience and knowledge needed to keep your site secure.