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9 Security Guard Skills and Responsibilities at a Business

What Can Security Guards Do for Your Business?

Many business owners wish to know more about security guard skills and responsibilities before they decide to hire guards to protect their property. This makes sense. Before you agree to use a certain security solution, you’ll want to know as much about it as possible.

9 Security Guard Skills and Responsibilities at a Business

The same is true if you’re looking to change the type of security you use.

There are different types of guards, different companies, and different levels of service, but in general security guard skills and responsibilities include:

  • Patrolling the property and inspecting the premises as necessary and agreed upon
  • Monitoring property entrances
  • Authorizing those who enter the property
  • Securing all doors, windows, gates, etc. and ensuring they remain secure
  • Reporting suspicious activities
  • Responding to alarms and other incidents in a timely manner
  • Assisting people in need
  • Monitoring security cameras as needed

There are other duties as well but, in general, the role of a security guard is to maintain order and keep people and property safe.

Depending on your property, your arrangement with the security guard company, and your specific situation, there may be other responsibilities, or some tasks may not be the responsibility of a security guard.

When working with a security guard at your business, you should be looking for guards who have the following skills:

  • Experience as a security guard or similar role
  • A good understanding of security and public safety guidelines and laws
  • Experience in report writing
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Strong time-management skills
  • Problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities
  • Good at following directions
  • A technical knowledge of security systems and security technology
  • Good physical strength and fitness
  • And more

Depending on your situation, you may have certain key tasks and responsibilities that are crucial to protecting the property. You may also need your guards to perform specific duties. For instance, if you operate a truck yard or a secure facility, you may place particular importance on parking management.

What Can Security Guards Do for Your Business?

This means that you’ll need to ensure that you guards can accurately assign parking spaces, record which spaces are assigned to each vehicle, and verify that parking assignments are followed.

If this scenario doesn’t apply to your business, there may be other specific roles that you’ll need to have a guard play. When considering security guard skills and responsibilities, be sure to take this into account and ensure that the guards and guard company fully understand your requirements.

Alternatives to Security Guards

If you’re considering using security guards to protect your business, it’s important to know that they are not the only option. While security guards are certainly popular at many businesses, it’s a good idea to review all possible options before you decide.

In addition, if you’re currently using guards, it could be a good idea to review alternatives anyway since you may be able to save money, improve the level of security at your business, or both.

3 Best alternatives to security guards include:

  1. Alarm systems
  2. Surveillance cameras
  3. Live video monitoring

Alarm systems and unmonitored surveillance cameras suffer from many of the same issues. The most important is that these tools can’t interject into a situation to resolve it before it escalates. An alarm system only sounds when a crime is already in progress, such as when someone cuts through a gate, smashes a window, or otherwise enters an area where they should not be.

By the time this has happened, the crime is already underway. Most criminals leave the location quickly. They’re often able to get what they want and escape the scene before anyone can respond to the alarm.

An unmonitored surveillance camera does not stop criminals either. In most cases, it simply captures footage that could be useful later. Unfortunately, a lot of damage is often done during break ins. If the criminal isn’t stopped before they can cause this damage, it could be very costly for the company.

Live remote monitoring involves using security cameras, two-way speakers, and other tools so that security agents can watch over a property 24/7. If they notice a suspicious situation, they can act by communicating through the speakers, using lighting, or contacting the authorities.

If a criminal knows they’re being watched and that police are on the way, they’ll be a lot less likely to attempt a crime.

Live remote video monitoring is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to security guards.

Live video monitoring services can handle many security guard skills and responsibilities, and often at a price that is more cost effective. In addition, video monitoring agents cannot be overwhelmed, intimidated, or threatened by criminals.

Unfortunately, this can happen with traditional onsite guards. For more information on live remote monitoring, please do not hesitate to contact Birdseye Security Solutions today.