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Security Solutions for Automotive Storage and Management Facilities

Security For Auto Storage Facilities

Vehicle storage facilities are frequently targets for criminals. They know that there are valuable assets stored at these properties, so they see them as prime targets for crime. However, those who use the facilities do so because they keep their automobiles safe and protected. Therefore, it’s crucial to use the right auto storage security tools to protect the site.

Security Solutions for Automotive Storage and Management Facilities

While there are many different options, it’s important to know that not all are created equal. There are different strengths and weaknesses to each, and that makes it important to fully understand the options before you choose a security solution for your automotive storage and management facility.

Types of Auto Storage Facility Security

One of the key parts of any successful automotive storage security solution is that those who store their vehicles must be able to access them with ease. Many people wish to be able to get into their vehicle and drive it from the site without experiencing hassle or spending too much time dealing with security.

Of course, since they also want their vehicles to be protected, it’s crucial to have a system that properly balances convenience with security.

One common type of auto storage security tool is using key fobs or access cards to control access to the facility. While these tools are convenient, there are several security risks associated with them. First, there is no way to know who is using the card or fob. If someone has physical control of it, they can enter the facility.

This means if a card or fob is lost or stolen, someone else may use it before it can be reported and deactivated. Another issue is that it requires a system for assigning, activating, deactivating, and monitoring these keys and fobs.

Another common type of security is physical onsite guards. While they can provide protection, they can’t see everything at once. Criminals will often wait until guards walk away or are occupied with another situation, and then strike.

Surveillance cameras and alarm systems provide some security, but these must be monitored 24/7 to prevent crimes. If the alarm system is only designed to alert someone to a crime, it means that it will only react to the situation, not work to prevent it. The alarm will only sound once a crime has already happened.

Then someone will need to respond to the alarm. This means property (including valuable vehicles) could be damaged before anyone can stop the criminals.

When cameras are monitored by a 24/7 security team, they can spot potentially dangerous or suspicious situations before they occur. They can then use two-way speakers to inform the person that the site is protected by monitored security and that police will be called if they do not leave immediately. This deters criminals and prevents damage.

Choosing a live remote monitoring system ensures a high level of protection without sacrificing convenience for your customers. This type of system ensures that trained security agents are constantly watching the property, 24/7. There are even mobile security trailer options available that do not require a power source or on-site internet.

The Benefits of Live Monitoring for Automotive Storage Facilities

Not only does the system serve as a way to protect the site from obvious intruders (such as those who will try to break into the property), but live monitoring agents can also manage access control at the site.

Anyone who enters will be required to show identification, this identification will be matched to their physical appearance, and only those who are on the authorized list will be able to enter the property. Agents can then watch everyone who is on the site as well as all vehicles, and act to stop any suspicious activity.

Plus, using the camera system, agents can ensure that all vehicles are parked in their assigned spots, and use the system’s two-way speakers to request that anyone who does not follow their parking assignment move their vehicle. This helps the site run more efficiently.

For more information on live remote monitoring and how it can secure automotive storage facilities against theft, vandalism, fraud, and many other issues, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today.