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Security System Monitoring Chicago & Area


Choosing the Right Security System Monitoring in Chicago

Security is important, no matter what type of business you are running. That’s why many people find themselves searching for security system monitoring in Chicago and area. Picking the right system for your business can make the difference between a safe organization and one that is vulnerable to criminals.

Security System Monitoring Chicago & Area

But which system is right for you? To answer that question, it’s important to look at the various available options, their pros and cons, and how they suit your business needs.

Why Security System Monitoring Matters

There are many options available to those looking for business security. One of the most common is the alarm system. Alarms can be set to sound when there is a break-in and some can even contact a central station or the appropriate authorities automatically.

While this can help police respond to the crime more quickly, these tools don’t stop crimes from happening in the first place. By the time anyone is able to respond to the crime, the criminals are often long gone.

Security guards are another popular option. Guards have advantages over alarm systems because they can react to situations before they escalate. If a security guard notices something suspicious, they can investigate or take steps to deter the criminals before they strike. However, guards cannot be everywhere at once.

Even if you have security guards stationed at every entrance and other guards walking throughout the property, there’s no way for them to cover every inch of the property. In addition, guards may not be able to see everything that happens even if they are present. For example, in low light situations, such as at night, it can be tough for a guard to notice someone and easy for a criminal to hide.

An option that avoids many of the weaknesses of alarms and guards is live video monitoring. This is a common choice for security system monitoring in Chicago and the surrounding area for many reasons.

One big advantage is that, like guards, a live monitoring system can respond to situations before they develop into crimes. However, unlike onsite guards, monitoring cameras can be installed just about anywhere, providing a full view of the entire property 24/7.

The Importance of Remote Live Monitoring

Security System Monitoring in Chicago

Live monitoring has several major advantages over unmonitored surveillance cameras. Just like alarm systems, unmonitored cameras aren’t able to prevent crimes from happening.

At best, they can gather evidence about a crime that has already occurred. Criminals are often not even deterred by unmonitored cameras. They know that the footage won’t be viewed for quite some time after the crime has happened, and that the likelihood of them being caught after the fact is very low.

This chance becomes even less likely when you consider that many criminals hide their identities by wearing masks or hoods. Even if police watch the video of the crime after it’s happened, it could be nearly impossible to identify the culprits.

Monitored cameras can be used not just to record evidence, but also to prevent crimes from taking place. A live video monitoring system involves more than just cameras. The system also incorporates two-way speakers as well as lighting and various sensors, depending on the property. These tools let remote security agents interact with the site.

For instance, if the agents notice that someone is acting suspicious in or around the property, they can use the speaker system to communicate with the person, asking why they are there or informing them that they will contact the police if they do not leave the scene. If police in Chicago are contacted, agents can give them live details about what is going on at the property.

Not only will this help police prepare, but it also verifies that there is a crime in progress. Police may place a higher priority on the call in these situations.

Compared to unmonitored cameras, live video monitoring services are active security systems. Cameras, speakers, and sensors are installed at a property. These tools not only let remote security agents see what is happening at a site, but agents also have the ability to communicate and interact with the site. This means they can be responsible for access control, and they can take steps to deter criminals before they strike. 

If needed, the security team can even contact the police directly to alert them of a suspicious situation (such as an armed person on site) before a crime actually takes place. This not only gives police more time to respond to the call, but it also verifies that a crime is occurring. Police may place a higher priority on these calls since they know they are not false alarms.

When it comes to choosing security system monitoring in Chicago and beyond, live monitoring is an excellent choice. For more information on how these tools can prevent crimes, and other services that monitoring agents can provide (such as access control, for example), please feel free to contact Birdseye Security Solutions today.

Our team will be more than happy to speak with you and provide any assistance you need.

What are the Options for Security Systems in Chicago and Beyond

The type of security you choose for your business is important. When it comes to security systems in Chicago and the area, there are many different options available. This can make it tough to determine the best solution for your needs. 

While searching for “surveillance near me” may give you some information, comparing the different choices and understanding how they work can help you find the security tools needed to protect your property. 

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are one of the most common and, often, the most basic security systems available. They work by sounding an alarm when a crime is committed. For instance, if a window is broken or a gate is tampered with, the alarm will be triggered.

Some alarms are designed to make noise and hopefully frighten criminals into leaving the scene. Others can be set up to call a central station or the police when a crime takes place. With these alarms, the goal is often to get police or other security professionals (such as guards) onto the site as quickly as possible to catch the criminals. However, this can be incredibly difficult to do. Since the alarm only sounds once the crime has already started, there isn’t much time to stop those responsible before they leave the scene. 

Onsite Security Guards

Onsite security guards are often stationed at entry points. They work to provide access control (verifying that only authorized persons can enter a property, for example) and they also keep an eye out for crimes and suspicious situations. Many properties also have guards stationed throughout the property and/or guards who walk throughout the site. 

Guards are more proactive than alarm systems, since they can spot potential crimes and react to them before they occur. However, security guards cannot be everywhere at once. Even if you have many guards on a site, the chance of them being able to see every inch of a property 24/7 is very unlikely. 

In addition, guards may be overwhelmed or intimidated by large groups of criminals or by those who are armed. It is understandable that a security guard may not want to risk serious injury (or worse) by confronting an armed and dangerous criminal. Unfortunately, criminals know this, and they use this fact to their advantage. When considering different security systems in Chicago and the surrounding area, this fact is important to consider. 

Unmonitored Surveillance Cameras

In general, surveillance cameras come in two different types: monitored and unmonitored. Unmonitored cameras essentially serve as a way to gather evidence of a situation that has already taken place. This footage can then be given to police or other authorities so they can conduct an investigation. Insurance companies can also use video supplied by surveillance cameras to verify items that have been stolen or damaged or to confirm what happened in a situation. 

However, unmonitored cameras do not deter criminals from striking since they do not stop the crimes from happening. Once an alarm sounds, the crime has already begun. Criminals can quickly leave the scene before the police arrive, even if the police are contacted immediately. Unmonitored cameras do not stop this. Plus, many criminals wear masks or hoods during crimes, which makes it tough to identify them on video. If they can leave the scene before police arrive, the chances of them being caught are quite slim.

Security System Monitoring Chicago Area

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