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Self-Storage Security Surveillance

Self-Storage Security Surveillance Options

Self-storage facilities require security. These properties are often very large and contain many valuables, which makes them difficult to protect. Unfortunately, that also makes them common targets for criminals. They know they can often strike without being noticed or caught.

Self-Storage Surveillance Security Options

Fences, locks, alarm systems, and unmonitored cameras are often used for security at these properties, but these tools tend not to stop criminals.

A big reason why these tools are often unsuccessful is that they don’t allow for proactive security. This means there really isn’t a way to deter criminals from striking or to act before they can cause a crime. In many cases, criminals are in and out of a self-storage facility within just a few minutes. If you don’t stop them before they strike, it’s very tough to catch them. 

This is where self storage remote security surveillance comes in. Live remote monitoring cameras are watched 24/7 by trained security professionals. They also have access to other security tools such as two-way speakers so they can communicate with the site. This lets them proactively work to stop criminals from striking.

The Benefits of Self-Storage Live Security Surveillance

As mentioned, self-storage live security camera surveillance services make it possible for agents to be proactive when stopping criminals.

For example, if remote monitoring staff notice someone standing around outside the gates waiting for the opportunity to break in, they can use the two-way speaker system to let the person know that they are being watched and that the police will be called if they do not leave the scene.

Without live self storage remote security surveillance, the criminal would not have been spotted or deterred. They would likely continue to attempt a break in.

Even if this break-in was unsuccessful, they would have likely done serious damage to the property (for example, breaking the fence), which would then be costly to repair.

If they were able to get in, there’s a good chance they would not be stopped until it was too late. Even if an alarm sounded, someone would have to respond to the alarm and contact the police before they could act. Since this situation would not be verified by live video, there’s a chance that police would place a lower priority on the call, since it could be a false alarm.

The result would be the criminal getting away with the crime. This wouldn’t happen with a self-storage live security camera surveillance system in place. These systems are successful at stopping criminals before they strike. 

Comparing Self-Storage Surveillance Security Options

Another significant advantage to using live remote monitoring as a self-storage surveillance security option is that cameras can be installed so that agents can see the entire property at once. This makes the system much more powerful than using onsite security guards, for example. 

Even if you have a large number of guards walking throughout the property at all times, there are likely still places where criminals can hide and wait for an opportunity. Of course, if you hire a large number of guards to watch over a site, this usually comes with a large expense as well.

Live remote monitoring cameras can provide often superior coverage and do so at a rate which is frequently less costly. 

In addition, remote monitoring systems cannot be intimidated. Unfortunately, criminals sometimes try to intimidate staff or on-site guards. They may do this with weapons or threats or violence, or they may try to overwhelm people by arriving in large numbers. These tactics are often successful.

However, when self storage remote security surveillance is in place, remote agents are able to do their jobs no matter the situation. They can also work under all conditions.

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