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Supply Chain and Logistic Live Security Monitoring

Securing the Supply Chain with Live Security Monitoring

Supply chain and logistic security are important. These processes are complicated and involve many different companies, properties, modes of transportation, and more. The COVID-19 pandemic showed how crucial it is to have a robust, effective, and secure supply chain.

Supply Chain and Logistic Live Security Monitoring

Any security flaws in supply chain or logistics operations can cause significant problems. Not only could it mean financial losses for the companies involved, but it can also mean that goods aren’t able to get where they need to go on time. This has a ripple effect that negatively impacts large numbers of people and many different businesses.

For this reason, having an insecure supply chain or logistics operation is likely to cause serious harm to your company’s reputation.

There are also potential national security aspects to consider. The supply chain is of incredible importance to society, so security flaws within it can be a matter of national security.

This is why supply chain and logistic live security monitoring is so important.

Logistics and Supply Chain Security Technology

In recent years, security technology has improved drastically. Criminal enterprises have gotten more sophisticated, and security has needed to adapt to stay ahead of them. Live security monitoring provides comprehensive supply chain, warehousing, transportation, and logistic security.

Live security monitoring involves strategically placing cameras and other security tools throughout a site so that remote agents can protect the property 24/7. They can watch situations as they develop, intervene in suspicious situations and prevent them from committing crimes, and otherwise interact with the property to keep the site safe. 

Truck yards and warehouses are common targets for criminals. They know that there are significant assets stored in these properties and will strike them to steal assets that can be sold on the black market. At these properties, there are typically two ways that criminals gain access. One is through forced entry.

This is usually done by climbing over or cutting through fences, robbing vehicles in parking lots, or otherwise illegally entering a property.

In these cases, live monitoring agents can see everything that is happening at a property and react to stop crimes before they happen. For instance, if agents see someone lurking around a fence, they can communicate with them using two-way speakers. The agent can warn them that they are being watched and that they must leave the area immediately or the police will be called.

Criminals tend to flee in these situations because they know the police will respond quickly to a verified crime in progress. 

Another way that criminals try to enter warehouses, truck yards, cargo lots, etc. is through deception. In these instances, they arrive at the gates or the doors to the property just like any legitimate driver or visitor. They then try to lie their way into a property. To prevent these incidents, live monitoring agents can take responsibility for access control at a property.

When anyone arrives at the gates, they will be required to show their face and their ID or credentials to the camera. Agents will verify their identity and ensure that they are on an authorized list before allowing them to enter the property. Thanks to live monitoring cameras, the agents can watch anyone on-site as they make their way through the property. Again, if an agent notices any suspicious activity, they can intervene immediately. 

Comparing Live Security Monitoring to Other Solutions

There are other ways to protect the supply chain and logistics organizations, but live monitoring provides a truly comprehensive solution. Even onsite security guards, for example, can’t see every area of a property at once. Having enough guards to cover all areas 24/7 generally isn’t feasible at larger properties, and it likely isn’t cost-effective either. Live monitoring is. 

In addition, live monitoring not only secures logistics operations and supply chains, but also improves efficiency, safety, and reporting. Agents can monitor inventory levels, ensure that protocols and procedures are followed, and maintain safety and order at a property.

For more information on live security monitoring and how it can keep supply chains and logistics organizations secure, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today. Our team will help you find the right solution for your needs.