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What Are Virtual Security Guards?

Understanding Virtual Security Guards

The term “virtual security guards” may sound like something out of a science fiction novel to some, but it’s a reality today. Also known as remote security guards, virtual security can save money and provide more efficient and comprehensive security than other available tools.

What are Virtual Security Guards and How Do They Work?

What is a virtual security guard?

This is a term that is often used to describe live remote monitoring services. These tools allow security professionals to watch over a property remotely using several video surveillance cameras. Remote monitoring systems also use two-way speakers so that agents can communicate with the site. This keeps locations safe.

Using Virtual Security Guards

There are many situations where remote guards can drastically improve security and efficiency.

  • Access Control

    • Remote services can be used for access control. Typically, access control systems involve fobs or key cards. However, there are serious flaws to these tools. The first is that key fobs and cards only work for employees or those who visit a site regularly. They aren’t practical for visitors. This means another tool must be used as well, such as security guards. Not only is this costly, but it’s also potentially confusing.
    • Another serious flaw to fobs and key cards is that they can be lost, stolen, or misplaced. In many cases, this isn’t noticed right away. That means an unauthorized person could potentially use them to gain access to property.
    • Virtual security guards can effectively perform access control duties. When a person arrives at the gate or door, they can show the camera their identification and the remote guards will be able to see their face as well. This means they can verify that they match their ID and check to ensure that their name is on the authorized list. This process happens quickly, efficiently and works for everyone who arrives at the entrance.
  • Site Surveillance

    • A major benefit that live remote monitoring has over other security tools is that virtual security guards can see an entire property at once. This is a big difference between remote services and onsite guards.
    • No matter how many guards are employed at a scene, they can’t watch over the entire site at once. Additionally, employing enough guards to watch a large property can also be very costly.
    • Remote monitoring staff can see an entire property at once, providing much more comprehensive security than onsite guards.
    • Cameras can also capture high-definition footage in nearly all conditions. This is different from security guards, who may have trouble seeing at night or in other low-light conditions.
    • Remote agents will be on the watch for suspicious situations and intervene in the situation to prevent crimes before they happen. For example, if a remote agent notices someone lurking at the perimeter of a property, they can use the two-way speaker system to inform the person that they’re being watched and that police will be called if they do not comply.
  • Protocol Enforcement

    • Virtual guards can do more than just prevent intruders or criminals. They can also watch a site and ensure that policies and protocols are followed.
    • For instance, monitoring staff can ensure that pre- and post-trip inspections are completed thoroughly at a truck yard or they can watch employees at a warehouse to verify that they’re following safety procedures.
    • This can reduce accidents, injuries, and other incidents.
    • Plus, the footage captured by the cameras can be used for training by the business in situations where this is required.
  • Virtual Concierge Services

    • Remote monitoring agents can also serve as a virtual concierge at offices, condominiums, and other large buildings.
    • Agents can greet visitors, inform residents of deliveries, provide parking management services, and much more.
  • Parking Management

    • Live remote monitoring agents can be responsible for parking management at truck yards, office buildings, and other large properties. When someone arrives at the gate, agents can assign them a parking spot. They can then follow them through the site using the cameras and ensure that they park in the correct spot.
    • If someone does not follow their parking assignment, the remote agent can use two-way speakers to request that they move their vehicle.

Live remote video monitoring is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to security guards.

There are many benefits to live remote monitoring and virtual security guards. For more information on how these tools can help your business, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today.