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4 Best Construction Site Theft Prevention Tips that Actually Work


Ways to Improve Construction Site Theft Prevention

There are many ways to protect large construction sites, which is important since these sites are common targets for criminals. When it comes to securing these properties and improving construction site theft protection, you’ll want to review all the available options and choose the one that will be most effective for you.

Ways to Improve Construction Site Theft Prevention

You will likely also want to adjust your security plan as situations change in order to improve the overall safety and security of your site.

Protecting a property is about more than just using construction site CCTV monitoring or using other tools. It’s also about having the right strategy and plan in place. Most criminals will have a plan in mind when they come to strike your site, so you’ll want to make sure you have one too. Here are some construction site theft prevention tips that actually work.

Monitor High Value Assets

Criminals target construction sites because they contain many valuable assets.

Some assets that are common targets for thieves include:

  • Handheld tools and power tools
  • Lumber
  • Copper wire and other metals (such as metal roof materials)
  • Appliances
  • Machinery
  • Vehicles
  • And other assets

In fact, theft is so common at construction sites that some organizations consider it a “cost of doing business.” But it doesn’t have to be that way. Since criminals target high value assets, it makes sense to monitor these items.

A remote monitoring system provides construction site CCTV monitoring and more. Live monitoring systems are watched 24/7 by trained security professionals. These systems also include speakers and other sensors that give agents a full view of what’s happening and the ability to interact with the site.

If they notice suspicious activity, agents can communicate with the construction site using the speakers to deter criminals. If the situation escalates, they can contact guards or the police to respond right away.

Control Access

Access to construction sites needs to be controlled. However, many sites use keys, access cards, or key fobs to protect the site. Unfortunately, these tools can get lost or stolen and end up in the wrong hands. If an unauthorized person gains access to a key or card, they can likely enter the site without anyone noticing that there’s an issue until it’s too late.

On some sites, security guards are used to control access at gates, but this can be quite costly, and guards can potentially be overwhelmed by their other duties as well as large numbers of people or armed criminals.

Live construction site CCTV monitoring set ups can handle access control at a site. Cameras can be positioned so agents can see a person’s face and their ID, and the team can communicate with anyone who arrives.

They can then compare a person’s identity to a list of authorized personnel and only allow those who are authorized to enter the site. This is a significantly more secure method than using keys or cards.

Protect the Perimeter

Keeping criminals out of your construction site should be the goal of any security system. While alarms may sound after security has been breached (such as when a window is smashed or a fence is cut), keeping criminals from gaining access reduces damage and loss. Strong perimeter security achieves this.

Live video monitoring services can keep your site’s perimeter secure. When construction site CCTV monitoring tools are set up, agents can see exactly what is going on outside the site at all times. Sometimes criminals will lurk outside the gates for a while, surveying the situation or looking for an opportunity.

Agents can spot these situations and respond with two-way communication, lighting, etc. to deter criminals. This prevents crimes before they occur.

Recognize Risks

Understanding the security risks at your site is crucial. When planning your security set up, look at your property and see what weaknesses exist. If you were a criminal, where would you strike? How would you gain access? Remember that criminals have no respect for your property. If they have to break a gate or cut through a fence, they’ll do it.

Live construction site CCTV monitoring agents can help you understand the risks at your property. In addition to monitoring and responding to potential crimes, agents can also prepare reports based on what they see.

These reports compile information on any and all suspicious situations noted by the team, “near miss” situations, and much more. This this information can help you improve your security and aid in construction site theft prevention. For more information, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today.