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Cannabis Real-Time Video Surveillance Monitoring

Real-Time Cannabis Security Services

Several countries and many US states have either decriminalized or legalized the sale of cannabis. In some cases, this is for medicinal purposes while in others it can be used recreationally. Regardless of the specific laws in your area, it’s crucial to have strong cannabis security systems in place. There is a great deal at stake for businesses that are not equipped with proper security.

Real-Time Cannabis Security Services

In many areas, there are strict regulations and mandates in place when it comes to marijuana and marijuana products. While these typically vary from state to state and county to county, the reality is that no matter where you are, it’s important to protect your cannabis product as well as your business. Failing to do so won’t just harm your company financially, but it could cause you to run afoul of local regulations and that can pose serious problems for your business.

Cannabis Video Surveillance and Compliance

No matter where your cannabis business is located, and no matter which part of the industry you are in, there will likely be several government regulations in place. Specifically, in many areas, there are detailed and specific video surveillance requirements.

For instance, in Canada, federal Cannabis Regulations state that “the perimeter of the site must be monitored at all times by visual recording devices to detect any attempted or actual unauthorized access to the site.”

In the state of Colorado, government regulations state that “Each Licensee must ensure that all of its Licensed Premises are continuously monitored. Licensees may engage the services of a Monitoring Company to fulfill this requirement.”

California’s cannabis regulations state that licensed manufacturers are responsible for “Maintaining the premises such that visibility and security monitoring of the premises is possible.”

Similar requirements exist in many other regions as well.

Depending on where you are located, failing to properly secure and monitor your property can result in fines, suspensions, loss of licenses, and potentially even criminal charges.

In addition to complying with government regulations, it is also important to protect your business for your own purposes. Legal cannabis is big business and, therefore, it’s a target for criminals. This makes it crucial to properly protect your investment.

Having ineffective security is an incredible risk. Since there are such high potential profits in this industry, there is also a high potential for crime. Without taking the right precautions, you could lose a significant amount of money and could even jeopardize your entire business.

Live cannabis video surveillance ensures that trained security professionals are watching your property 24/7. These agents will notice any suspicious activity and act immediately to resolve the situation. For more information, contact Birdseye Security Solutions. Our team can work with you to ensure your company complies with the regulations in your area in addition to providing you with the security tools you need to keep your property and your assets safe.

Understanding the importance of cannabis real-time surveillance is crucial, no matter which area of the industry you are working in. 

Security at Cannabis Dispensaries & Retail Stores

Cannabis retail stores and dispensaries are common targets for criminals. These crimes range from shoplifting to armed robbery and everything in between. Strong security is required to prevent such crimes. Not only are there regulations in place for these establishments but protecting your assets and your staff is also crucial.

There is great value in cannabis products and so criminals often seek out stores to target. Sometimes these are one-off crimes caused by individuals while organized crime is involved in others.

Live remote monitoring cameras can watch situations as they develop. Cameras can be positioned so that the remote security team gets a live view of the entire property, inside and out. If they notice any suspicious activity, they can react immediately. This is often done through two-way speaker communication, alerting store staff, or contacting the police when necessary.

Live video surveillance deters criminals since they know they will be spotted immediately as soon as they attempt anything. Cameras that are not monitored live may be able to capture evidence, but this evidence doesn’t help until after the crime has been committed and the criminals have left the scene. With live monitoring of cannabis dispensaries, it’s possible to react immediately to stop criminals.

Live cannabis video security is also incredibly beneficial since remote agents continue to do their jobs no matter the conditions. Unfortunately, armed criminals often attempt to intimidate or harm staff at cannabis retail stores or dispensaries. They may even try to overwhelm or intimidate on-site security guards.

Live remote video monitoring is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to security guards.

With cannabis real-time surveillance tools installed, agents can contact the police directly if the situation gets out of control. Regardless of what is happening on the site, the remote agents will continue to work and keep the property safe. This is an incredibly powerful benefit and a strong reason why live monitoring is so important at cannabis dispensaries and retail properties.

Working with the team at Birdseye Security Solutions will help you understand the best ways to protect your cannabis business. Contact our experienced team today to learn about the best ways to keep your site safe.

Security at Cannabis Production and Storage Facilities

There are significant regulations in place for cannabis growers and those who operate production and storage facilities. Failing to comply with these regulations can have serious consequences. In addition to regulations, there is also the fact that there is incredible value in cannabis plants and products. That makes them a huge target for criminals.

Crimes at cannabis nurseries, storage facilities, or production areas are often organized by criminals to get the most possible profit. This means they tend to hit hard and try to take as much as they can as quickly as they can. Even one such crime can be absolutely devastating for a cannabis business. It’s not unheard of to lose millions of dollars of product in a single crime.

Since so much is at stake, it’s vital that cannabis producers use every tool possible to protect themselves. One tool that should be a part of any cannabis security plan is live video monitoring.

Cannabis Video Surveillance and Compliance

As mentioned, criminals typically aim to strike quickly. They know that the faster they can get in and out of a facility, the lower the chance they have of being caught. Live remote monitoring eliminates this advantage. Monitoring agents are always watching the property inside and out. The moment they notice an unexpected or suspicious activity, they react.

A property that isn’t monitored by live security cameras won’t be able to detect a crime until it already happens. For instance, if a site is secured with alarm systems and motion detectors, these will not sound until a specific action occurs (such as a motion being detected inside the property or a fence being cut). The issue here is that it’s likely too late that this point.

Once trained criminals are inside your location, it’s only a matter of time before they get what they want and leave the property. It can take only a few minutes for criminals to steal a significant amount.

If a system isn’t monitored live, no one will know that anything has happened until the criminals have already gained access. Once an alarm sounds, someone will need to respond to it and then contact the police. The police may require that the alarm be verified before they will dispatch officers. During this time, the criminals can escape with their stolen assets.

When live, real-time cannabis video surveillance is in place, security agents will spot the criminals before they strike. They can then communicate with the site directly through two-way speakers to let the criminals know that they have been spotted and that the police will be called. These few extra minutes can be the difference between criminals getting caught in the act and criminals leaving the scene with millions of dollars of product.

Once they know they are being watched live, many criminals would rather leave the scene than risk being caught. If they don’t, police can be called immediately, before they are able to gain access to the property.

Since the authorities are contacted sooner, and since the crime is verified by live monitoring agents as it happens, police will arrive at the property sooner. This means it’s significantly more likely that the criminals will be caught in the act. This reduces the loss and damage at your property and deters criminals from striking. They know that they’re much more likely to be caught when real-time monitoring is in place, so they often choose not to strike.

Working with the team at Birdseye Security Solutions can help you get the right protection for your cannabis nursery, production facility, or storage site. Contact our team today to find out how we can help. We will provide you with a customized security plan that will keep your site secure. When live agents are watching your entire property 24/7, criminals aren’t able to get away with their crimes.

Why Cannabis Real-Time Surveillance is Necessary

There are many different ways to protect a property. Even if live monitoring wasn’t required for cannabis businesses by various governments (which it typically is), it would still be incredibly important. There is a lot at stake when a cannabis business is attacked by criminals.

The first, and likely the most obvious, is the financial loss. As mentioned, it’s possible for criminals to steal millions of dollars of product in just a few minutes. If they manage to pull trucks up to a nursery, storage facility, or production site, gain access to the property, fill the trucks and leave, this could be financially devastating for a cannabis business. For this reason alone, using real-time monitoring as part of a cannabis security solution is crucial.

However, there are other significant reasons to use cannabis real-time surveillance. One is that criminals cause serious damage when they break into a property. There are many reasons why this is a negative. The first is that this damage must be repaired. Not only is that costly, but it’s also time-consuming. However, such damage can also be disruptive.

If criminals damage a gate, then staff must work around this damaged gate until it is repaired. If they damage a vital part of your production equipment, this will slow down production.

Crime and damage to your site can also harm the reputation of your business. In addition to leading to potential fines and charges, if your company develops a reputation as an unsafe business, it could be very difficult to retain customers. For all these reasons and many more, it’s crucial that every cannabis business is kept safe, and that involves using real-time live video monitoring.

The team at Birdseye Security Solutions is here to help. We will work with you to protect your property. Contact us today to discuss your situation and to learn more about how live monitoring can keep your site safe.

The Benefits of Live Real-Time Security Monitoring

There are many cannabis security flaws that can be solved by live cannabis video surveillance. Robust, comprehensive, and 24/7 security is required to keep properties, assets, and people safe.

Comparing real-time security monitoring to other security solutions highlights the ways these systems provide stronger security than other tools.

For instance, an alarm system will only react after a crime has already occurred. These systems are typically triggered by motion or by a property being breached (a door being opened, a window being broken, a fence being cut, etc.). By the time this occurs, the crime is already underway. It won’t be long before the criminals have what they want and leave the scene.

Even if the alarm alerts the business owner, a monitoring station, or the police directly, there’s a very good chance that officers won’t be sent until a crime has been verified. This takes time. Time is what criminals need to strike and escape.

Unmonitored security cameras provide evidence after a crime has happened, but they tend not to prevent crime. Criminals know that they can conceal their identities with masks, hoods, or scarves. This makes the evidence captured by security cameras much less useful.

On-site security guards are sometimes used to provide real-time security, but they have their own weaknesses as well. Unfortunately, guards cannot see everything that is happening at a property, even if there are several guards on site. This becomes even more difficult in low-light situations.

Video surveillance cameras can be positioned so remote security agents can see the entire site 24/7. These cameras can capture clear footage even at night and they can be overlaid with artificial intelligence (AI) to help agents quickly spot unexpected, suspicious, or dangerous situations. Plus, remote staff cannot be threatened or intimidated by criminals.

Cannabis real-time surveillance agents can react to situations as they unfold, preventing crimes before they happen. 

Live monitoring protects cannabis operations at all stages, from seed to sale. Whether your site is indoors, outdoors, or both, cannabis real-time surveillance solutions will keep it secure. The team at Birdseye Security Solutions has years of experience in remote property surveillance and security. We are a trusted North American leader that truly understands how to give cannabis businesses the security they need.

Contact our team today to discuss how we can help and to learn more about the power of live remote monitoring. Do not risk getting hit by criminals or running afoul of government regulations. Talk to our team today.

Finally, any good integrated security system should be designed to identify and deter potential criminals. With security system monitoring, all of these goals are accomplished.

Security system monitoring services work by installing cameras, two-way speakers, and other important sensors around a property. These tools make it possible for live security agents to monitor what happens at a site 24/7. If there is an incident, agents can communicate with the property to ask questions, provide guidance, or deter criminals. They can also call the appropriate emergency authorities (fire, police, paramedics, etc.) if needed.

Remote monitoring services can also be responsible for gate access. Agents can use cameras and two-way speakers to verify identities, ask questions as required, assign parking spaces, and much more. By using security system monitoring, Toronto businesses and those throughout North America are able to keep their properties safe.

Comparing Monitored Security to Passive Cameras or Security Guards

Alternatives to live security system monitoring often include passive surveillance cameras and onsite security guards. While these tools have some benefits, they also have weaknesses that live monitoring services can address.

For instance, if your surveillance cameras are not being actively monitored, they only serve as evidence after a crime has already happened. Agents who are watching monitored cameras can spot suspicious situations and act before they turn into serious crimes. This is not possible with passive security cameras. All these cameras can do is show you what happened after it’s already occurred.

When it comes to criminal activity, most criminals hide their faces using hoods or masks. This means footage that is reviewed later may not be helpful in an investigation. However, if agents can see criminals before they strike, they can act by using lighting, sound, or two-way voice communication to deter the criminals. They can also contact the police right away, while the incident is occurring, which places an increased priority on the call.

Onsite security guards can react to crimes before they happen, but they simply cannot cover every inch of a property all at once. In addition, traditional security guards can quickly become cost-prohibitive while security system monitoring can achieve complete coverage and often at a much lower cost.

Monitored cameras also have the advantage of not being able to be intimidated or overwhelmed by criminals. They also tend to function more effectively at night, capturing clear footage even in lowlight conditions while guards may have difficulty seeing in these circumstances. Cameras can also utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to see more than the human eye and to spot situations that may otherwise be missed.

Choosing A Good Integrated Security System Monitoring – Toronto and Beyond

When it comes to choosing the right security monitoring system for your company, it’s important to think of your needs.

  • What sort of coverage are you looking for?
  • Do you want perimeter monitoring only or would you also like to watch over interior spaces as well?
  • Are you interested in access control solutions?
  • Do you need parking management solutions?

Birdseye Security is a North American leader in remote security and facility operation. Our dedicated team understands the crucial importance of serving our clients and keeping businesses safe and secure. For more information on our services and how we can help you, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Security is a key concern for anyone operating a business. Depending on the type of organization you operate, you will likely face a variety of different threats. Finding the right solution requires more than just searching for “security systems Toronto” or “surveillance near me” and choosing the first option that looks good. To determine what sort of protection you’ll need, it’s first necessary to look at the security challenges that your business faces.

For instance, the security needs of a truck yard will be different than the needs of a warehouse and both will have different needs than a multi-residential building like a condominium. Look at your property and see which weaknesses you can spot.

Try to think like a criminal. If you were trying to gain access, what would you do? Where would you strike? Remember that, in many cases, criminals have no respect for property. They will cut through fences or use tools (or even vehicles) to smash their way into a site. Criminals also like to work in the darkness or in places where they cannot be seen. If there are areas around your property where someone could hide, find these spots and secure them.

Of course, integrated systems can do more than prevent intruders from forcibly breaking into a location. Access control is an important part of maintaining safety and security. You want to make sure that anyone who enters the property through any standard entrance is authorized to get in. Combing strong security with access control tools makes your location a safer place.

“How Do I Find the Right Surveillance Near Me?”

There are a lot of security options out there, but once you understand what you need, the answer to the question “how do I find the right surveillance near me?” becomes a bit clearer. The goal is to find a solution that meets your needs, solves your security issues, and keeps your business safe. Of course, it’s also important that the option be cost-effective. Every business has a bottom line.

One strong choice when it comes to security systems is mobile video surveillance. This solution involves using video cameras along with speakers and other sensors to watch over a property. Once installed, the system will be watched by live monitoring agents, 24/7. These tools can be used for perimeter security as well as for monitoring activity inside your business.

This means that whatever happens in or around your property, security professionals will know about it, and they can respond quickly. The agents can react proactively to suspicious situations as they occur.

For instance, if agents notice someone lurking outside your business, they can use lights, alarms, or two-way voice systems to let the person know they are being watching and deter them from committing a crime. This isn’t possible with passive tools such as unmonitored cameras or alarms. With these systems, you aren’t aware that a crime has happened until after it’s already occurred. This means criminals could have likely caused significant damage and left the site before anyone was able to react.

Comparing Live Monitoring Security Systems to Onsite Security Guards

Many properties use onsite security guards. While this allows for proactive protection (guards can react to situations in progress and take steps to prevent issues from escalating), there are still significant weaknesses to using only guards at a property. The first is that it isn’t possible for guards to have eyes on every inch of a property at all times.

Live remote video monitoring is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to security guards.

This is even less likely at a large site. Even if you have security stationed at every entry point and other guards making rounds throughout the property, there will still be sections that are left unprotected. Criminals will exploit this weakness.

Another potential weakness is that guards may have issues seeing clearly in certain conditions, such as at night. Many criminals like to work in the darkness, because they know it becomes tougher to see them in these conditions. Security cameras can capture clear footage, even at night.

In addition, there are situations where criminals could potentially be distracted, overwhelmed, or even intimidated by a large group of criminals. If monitoring agents notice criminals on your property, they can contact the police immediately, providing them with details of the crime in progress. This may even place a greater priority on your call, since it’s an active crime scene.

Finally, using enough security guards to effectively watch over a large property can quickly get very expensive. Remote monitoring systems are often a more cost-effective option.

If you’re looking for a full integrated security systems Toronto and beyond, trust remote monitoring from Birdseye Security Solutions. We can help you get the right tools to protect your business. For more information, please contact us today.