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How Do You Ensure Cargo Truck Security?

How You Can Ensure Cargo Security

Cargo theft is one of the biggest security threats to trucking companies and other logistics businesses. It hurts companies all along the supply chain, costs money, leads to significant disruptions, harms reputations, and much more. Therefore, it’s important to take steps to ensure cargo security. 

How Do You Ensure Cargo Security?

Criminals are becoming more sophisticated with their crimes but also more brazen. In many cases, they believe that their chances of being caught and punished are quite low, so they’re willing to take some risks to steal the cargo they’re looking for. Cargo theft is quite profitable for criminal enterprises, and that means nearly every company is at risk. 

Why It’s Important to Ensure Cargo Security

Businesses across North America lose billions of dollars each year due to stolen cargo. However, as mentioned, these financial losses aren’t the only reason it’s important to ensure cargo security. When assets are stolen from shippers or companies, this disrupts the supply chain, and that can be devastating for several businesses all along the line.

It can also harm the reputation of the companies involved, as no one wants to work with a business that is having supply chain issues or one that has security problems.

To make matters worse, much of the cargo that is stolen is never recovered. That’s because criminals typically take items when no one is watching, and they escape the site before anyone notices them. By the time the crimes are discovered, the criminals are long gone. 

They can also often sell items on the black market very quickly. Commercial goods are quite easy to sell for a profit, and once they’ve been passed on or sold, it’s usually very tough to track them. Unfortunately, criminals frequently use the profits of these sales to fund other criminal activities, such as the drugs or weapons trade.

Therefore, it’s very important to ensure cargo security for many reasons. 

Tips to Keep Cargo Safe

There are essentially two broad types of cargo theft to look out for. The first is when cargo is stolen from unattended trucks, trains, or other vehicles. This can occur at truck lots (where loaded trucks are often left sitting, sometimes overnight) or in nearly any situation where assets are left unattended (such as at rest stops, gas stations, etc.). 

Another type of cargo theft involves fraud, identity theft, or other such issues. These situations typically take the form of a criminal arriving at the gates to a lot with fraudulent identification, shipping papers, etc., and attempts to take cargo directly from a shipper.

Other incidents include situations where employees steal items from the yard or where they work with other criminals on the outside to exploit security flaws and take valuable items. 

In the case of items being stolen from trucks at lots or warehouses, live remote monitoring solutions can ensure cargo security. With a live monitoring option, cameras are positioned in and around your property and they are watched by trained security professionals 24/7. 

If any suspicious behavior is noticed, such as a person lurking outside your gates, agents will respond by using the system’s two-way speakers to inform the person that the site is being monitored and warn them that police will be contacted if they do not leave immediately.

Live monitoring tools can also stop employee theft since agents can spot any questionable activities by staff, warn them that they are being watched, and send detailed reports (along with supporting video evidence) to company management. 

Live monitoring agents can also provide gate security services and access control. Using cameras positioned at the gate, remote agents will verify identification cards, ensure that the person matches the photo on their ID, and check to ensure that they are authorized to enter the property.

Remote agents cannot be distracted or overwhelmed by the situation happening on the ground and they can ensure cargo security and safety no matter the conditions at the site. 

With years of experience, state-of-the-art technology and tactics, and a strong dedication to customer service, Birdseye Security Solutions can ensure cargo security.

We work with businesses in various industries to prevent theft and keep people and property safe.

Our live remote monitoring services provide comprehensive, real-time, 24/7 security for truck yards, warehouses, factories, and many other locations.

For more information on these tools and how they can ensure cargo security and safety, please do not hesitate to contact us today