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Parking Security Management


The Importance of Parking Management

It may seem like a small point, but parking management is critical for many businesses. This is especially true for trucking companies and for any organization that requires secure parking. On a large lot, for example, it becomes very difficult to find specific vehicles if they are not assigned certain spots and if these assignments are not followed.

Parking management

Those who operate lots don’t want to have their drivers wandering around the parking area looking for a trailer, nor do they want drivers to accidentally take the wrong truck or the wrong load. It’s easy to see how these scenarios can cause serious issues. Not only will this sort of disorganization frustrate drivers and customers, but it can also harm the reputation of your business. If shipments are frequently late because drivers must spend time searching for vehicles, or if orders are incorrect or delayed because the wrong trailers are selected, this will eventually make your business look bad.

Having an efficient parking management system at your property can make it much easier and quicker to find the right vehicles every time. This will not only save your organization time and money, but it will improve morale as well. No one wants to spend time searching for vehicles when they could be doing their jobs instead.

How Remote Monitoring Fixes Parking Management Issues

An excellent way to solve parking management problems is to use live remote monitoring services. When you have remote monitoring tools in place (cameras, two-way speakers, sensors, etc.) you create a system that makes it possible for remote agents to handle parking assignments.

When a truck arrives at the entry gate, the remote agent can verify the driver’s ID and assign them to a parking space. This information is recorded electronically. The agent can then use the camera system to ensure that the driver parks in the correct space. If they do not, agents can use two-way speakers to communicate with the driver and resolve the error before it becomes a larger problem. This immediate verification is a crucial part of parking management.

The same process can work in secure facilities where it’s important for certain people to park in certain spots. By assigning spots and ensuring that these assignments are followed, remote monitoring agents ensure the security of the property. If anyone parks in an unauthorized spot, agents can communicate with them immediately and potentially even call for additional assistance (onsite guards, the police, etc.) if protocol is not followed.

The Advantages of Parking Remote Live Video Monitoring

There are many reasons to choose remote monitoring over other parking management systems. One is that monitoring agents can easily ensure that parking assignments are followed. If parking management is handled by a physical security guard at the entry gate, for instance, there isn’t a reasonable way for the guard to verify that the protocol has been followed. If someone parks in the wrong space, it may not be discovered until much later. In the meantime, the guard will continue assigning spots. This can quickly become a logistical mess if multiple people end up parking in unassigned locations. With remote monitoring, any errors can be caught and corrected immediately.

Another advantage of remote monitoring is that reports can quickly be generated and that these reports can be supported by video footage. This can be very helpful in many different cases, especially in situations where a lot operator may rent spots to third parties. Remote monitoring makes it easy to know exactly where everyone has parked, when they arrived and left the scene, how long they were parked, etc. Video footage will immediately resolve any disputes. This can help in situations where different rates are charged for different spots, for instance, or where costs increase at certain times. Having remote monitoring in place eliminates the need for guesswork and solves disputes.

When you use remote monitoring for parking management, the result is a more efficient facility. This helps your organization be more streamlined and more productive, which saves time and money.

For more information on how remote monitoring services can help your business with parking management, organization, and security, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Birdseye Security is a North American leader in facility supervision and remote security. We have extensive experience at keeping properties safe, organized, and working efficiently.