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How Much Data do Security Cameras Use?

WiFi security cameras are popular options for home and business security. There are many reasons why. For a lot of businesses, it’s the ease of installation that matters most. With a WiFi security camera, you don’t need to run as many wires throughout a property.

How Much Data Does a WiFi Security Camera Use

This can also give you more flexibility in terms of placement. However, WiFi security cameras require a strong and consistent internet connection, good upload and download speeds, and good bandwidth.

If you have a limited data plan or if you are hoping to conserve the amount of data you use for any reason, you likely want to know how much data a security camera uses per month.

When it comes to how much data do security cameras use, there are several factors to consider. Not all cameras are the same. Different cameras have different features and capabilities, and, in many cases, this means they use the internet in different ways. Therefore, when you’re investigating how much data a security camera uses, you’ll need to look at how it operates.

How Much Data Does a Security Camera Use Per Month?

WiFi security cameras can potentially use hundreds of gigabytes of data each month, but this isn’t true for every camera. There are many factors that determine how much data do security cameras use, including:

Camera resolution

  • The resolution of the image captured by the WiFi cameras is important. For instance, high-definition footage (typically 1080p) will be clearer, allowing you to notice more detail in a scene.
  • HD footage can also help with images captured in low-light conditions. There’s more detail in higher resolution images, which provides more clarity in these situations.
  • However, high-definition footage is larger in size and, therefore, cameras that record in higher resolutions will likely use more data.

Frames-Per-Second (FPS)

  • Frames-per-second refers to how many images a camera captures each second. A camera that records at 30 FPS is capturing 30 images in a second. In general, video recorded at a higher FPS will appear smoother and potentially clearer.
  • However, a higher FPS could also mean a larger file size and therefore more data being used.
    The number of cameras
  • If you have more cameras recording video, you could have more data being used each month.

Where the data is stored

  • If cameras are storing data locally, such as if the data is stored on a Network Video Recorder (NVR) or a local computer, rather than using the cloud, you will likely use less data.
  • It’s important to note that remotely viewing your cameras live will use data, since this requires an internet connection.

In addition, if you want to know how much data a security camera uses, you’ll also need to consider how it’s being used. Some cameras are always on and always recording while others may only start recording if they are triggered (by motion or sound, for example).

If you’re trying to figure out how much data a security camera uses per month, you’ll want to know how often a camera records.

However, there is a balance between quality of the security provided along with the amount of bandwidth used. As mentioned, you can reduce the amount of data used by a security camera by capturing lower resolution footage, footage shot at a lower FPS, using fewer cameras, and only recording at certain times.

However, doing any of these things may also compromise the level of security provided by the system.

If you’re concerned about how much data a security camera uses per month, speaking with an expert can help. The team at Birdseye Security Solutions can help.

Please contact our team today to discuss your security situation, any questions you may have regarding how much data a security camera uses, and anything else you may wish to know about security. We can help you balance your business security needs with any limitations you may have regarding internet bandwidth or the amount of data used by security cameras.