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How Remote Monitoring Can Speed Up the Supply Chain


Using Live Remote Monitoring to Improve Truck Yard Management & Secure the Supply Chain

Now more than ever, truck yards, industrial sites, warehouses, factories, and other such facilities are concerned with the speed and security of the supply chain. You want to ensure that you can get shipments where they need to go as quickly as possible, but you do not want to sacrifice accuracy or security to get this done. An excellent way to do this is by using live remote monitoring.

Using Remote Monitoring to Improve Truck Yard Management & Secure the Supply Chain

How Live Remote Monitoring Improves Efficiency in the Supply Chain

When you think of live remote monitoring, your first thought may be of security. And this makes sense. When you have trained professional security agents watching over a property at all times, this drastically reduces the likelihood of a crime taking place. Not only can agents spot crimes and contact the authorities as necessary, but they can also watch for suspicious behavior and react to prevent a crime before it happens.

For instance, if agents see someone lurking around outside a fence, they can remotely communicate with the individual using two-way speakers and deter them from striking. This saves the business time, hassle, and money.

However, security isn’t the only benefit provided by live remote monitoring.

Another key benefit comes from how live video monitoring agents handle gate access. When a driver arrives at the gate, the agent can use cameras to view both their identity card and their face at the same time. Once they have verified that the person is who they say they are, agents can check if they are authorized to enter the site.

Agents can communicate with those who are not listed as authorized, asking them questions as needed, to determine why they are on the site. This speeds up the process of verifying individuals while also improving security.

In addition, these same agents can also be responsible for assigning parking spots and ensuring these assignments are followed. For instance, if a truck driver arrives at a gate and is assigned a spot, agents can use cameras to make sure that the driver actually parks in the assigned space. If they do not, the remote team can communicate with them directly to correct the issue.

This makes finding trucks and trailers much quicker and easier, since every vehicle will be in their assigned space and all parking assignments will be recorded by the monitoring team. You won’t need to spend time wandering the lot and you won’t accidentally pick up the wrong trailer.

Remote security agents can also monitor inventory as it moves throughout the property. Agents can process manifests and Bills of Sale as shipments arrive and match the contents of each trailer to the identification number and assigned parking space of the vehicle.

Agents can also monitor goods as they are moved throughout the property or to other vehicles, even if the shipment is broken up and distributed to different areas. This level of inventory control ensures that the location of all inventory is always known. Using remote monitoring for this purpose is quicker, more efficient, more accurate, and requires less onsite staff.

Choosing Video Remote Monitoring for Inventory Control & Security

Leveraging remote monitoring technology is an excellent way to increase speed and efficiency at truck yards, warehouses, industrial sites, factories, or any other step of the supply chain. Remote monitoring makes shipments more accurate, which means less time is spent by staff dealing with lost or misplaced items, fewer errors are made, and the property always remains safe and secure.

Monitoring agents can even ensure that all staff are following safety protocols and wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). This can reduce incidents on the site, preventing slowdowns and potential injuries.

What is Live Remote Monitoring?

Live remote surveillance involves using cameras, two-way speakers, and other tools so that it’s possible for remote agents to watch over an entire property 24/7. This increases security and efficiency at a site.

At a truck yard, for example, remote monitoring agents can be responsible for gate security and access control, as well as monitoring both the interior of the property and the perimeter of the yard. This ensures that agents can see everything that happens inside and outside a property. There are many reasons why this is important.

As a North American leader in remote monitoring and facility management, Birdseye Security can take on the challenge of protecting your property and increasing your efficiency. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our team is here to help.