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How To Improve Industrial Security


How to Improve Industrial Security at Warehouses, Oil & Gas Properties & Other Sites

When it comes to industrial security, it’s crucial to use a system that allows for both increased safety and security as well as one that is cost-effective. Many industrial sites are targets for criminals and vandals, and each industry has its own security needs, risks, and standards that must be met.

Working with the right security company and finding the right solution for your needs is important.

Industrial Security

Warehouses and other industrial sites are commonly struck by criminals because they tend to be large sites and they’re often located in remote areas. This makes them not only easier to access, but it also tends to make them more difficult to secure.

For example, at a very large property, the likelihood of a security guard team noticing a crime is very slim. If a site is in a remote area, the chances of police responding to an alarm on time is rare. Criminals know this and they specifically target these sites for these reasons.

Industrial sites are also common targets for criminals because they contain valuables. For instance, a warehouse will likely have a large amount of commercial assets on site. Criminals tend to strike these sites, looking for goods that they can sell on the black market.

Another reason that industrial properties require security is that they’re often targets for vandals. Depending on the industry and the state of world politics, certain industrial sites could be in danger of being attacked by those looking to cause mischief or make a political point.

Whatever the risk at a particular site, it’s important to have a strong industrial security plan that is designed to protect the business from whatever risks it may be facing.

How to Find the Right Industrial Security Strategy

As mentioned, the right security tool is the one that meets the needs of your business. This includes being cost-effective. If it doesn’t make financial sense for you to pay for a type of security, this will hurt your business. That’s a potential flaw with security guards. While guards have many advantages, they can also be quite costly. This is especially true if your site is very large in size.

Hiring enough security guards to effectively protect your location can quickly become very costly. And, unfortunately, even if you pay a lot of money for a large security staff, it will still be logistically impossible for the security guards to watch over your entire location at once.

Remote live video monitoring makes it possible to watch over an entire property 24/7. Cameras, speakers, and other important sensors can be installed at a warehouse or other industrial location, making it possible to monitor every inch of the property, inside and out. If the monitoring agents notice a suspicious situation, they can react immediately.

For instance, they can use lights, alarms, and two-way voice communication to deter the criminal. They can even contact the authorities immediately, while the situation is in progress, giving them up-to-the-minute details. Once they have this information, police may place a higher priority on the call since it has been verified by a real security professional.

Monitored security solutions are significantly more effective than passive systems, such as alarm systems or unmonitored cameras. These systems are generally able to provide evidence after a crime has been committed or, at best, signal that there is a security issue. They cannot take proactive steps to prevent crime before it occurs, nor can they deter criminals before they strike.

Monitored surveillance cameras have other advantages as well. For instance, cameras can capture clear footage in nearly any situation, including low-light scenarios. This is important since many industrial sites are not well lit. Criminals take advantage of the darkness to commit crimes. You need to be able to see them to stop them.

Choosing Remote Monitoring for Industrial Security

When it comes to live video monitoring services, Birdseye Security Solutions is a North American leader. We work with truck yards, automotive lots, warehouses, construction sites, industrial sites, and many other locations to provide remote monitoring.

We understand the importance of providing high quality security at an affordable rate. Compared to traditional security guards, monitoring services are more cost-effective and more successful at keeping properties safe.

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