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Remote Video Patrol Security Camera


Using Video Patrol Security Camera Setups to Stop Criminals

There are many different security options, and it can sometimes be difficult to know which is right for your business. When it comes to securing truck yards, automotive lots, construction sites, warehouses, multi-residential housing complexes, and other large properties, there is a significant advantage to using video patrol security camera solutions.

Remote Video Patrol Security Camera Systems

These tools work by installing cameras, speakers, sensors, and other security technology around a property. The result is a comprehensive solution that protects all areas of a site at once. Such a system will stop theft, vandalism, and loss while also reducing liability and decreasing the chances of injuries and accidents on your property.

How Remote Security Monitoring Works

A remote monitoring system is watched over by trained security agents at all times. This provides a significant advantage over passive cameras and alarm systems. Agents, aided by advanced artificial intelligence (AI), can spot suspicious situations as soon as they occur. They can react to these situations in real-time, preventing crimes before they happen.

If cameras or alarms are not monitored, they only provide evidence that a crime has happened. They aren’t able to signal that something dangerous may be taking place as it’s happening. This is a significant flaw. Not only does it mean that you need to wait for something to be stolen or damaged before you can react, but since false alarms are common, police may treat your situation as a lower priority if your property is not monitored.

However, when remote monitoring agents contact the police to inform them of a crime in progress, they can provide them with up-to-the-minute details about the situation. This not only lets the police better prepare to respond, but it can also cause them to treat the situation with greater urgency.

Remote Access Control

Live video patrol security systems aren’t just designed to prevent crimes and respond to suspicious activity. Monitoring agents can also be in charge of access control. Agents can remotely monitor gates, checking for appropriate identification and ensuring that only those who are authorized to access the property are allowed in.

They can then monitor the movements of everyone on site to make sure that no one is attempting to do anything they aren’t allowed to do. Agents can use two-way speaker systems to communicate with visitors to verify their details or to provide them with instructions as needed.

This service has a significant advantage over other access control systems, such as those that use keys, access cards, or entry fobs. With these systems, there is no way to verify if the person who used the key is actually authorized to enter a property. Fobs, keys, and cards can be stolen or duplicated and often it isn’t known that this has occurred until it is too late.

With remote access control, two cameras are installed at all entry points. One focuses on the person’s face while the other is used to verify their identification card. A real human agent will compare their face to their ID, ask any necessary questions, confirm that the individual is authorized, and only allow permitted visitors to enter.

Comparing Video Patrol Security Camera Systems to Security Guards

Video patrol security camera systems have several advantages over traditional security guards. The first is that they can provide complete coverage. It isn’t logistically possible nor is it cost-effective to have guards covering every inch of a property 24/7.

Security Guards cannot be everywhere at once. Even if you have multiple guards stationed at every entrance and other guards circulating throughout the property, they will not be able to be everywhere at all times. However, this sort of complete coverage can easily be achieved when using high-definition cameras.

Remote monitoring cameras are able to capture detailed footage in all conditions as well, unlike guards who will naturally have reduced visibility at night. Plus, a live video patrol security system cannot be distracted or overwhelmed by criminals. In the event of a crime or suspicious situation, agents can contact police or security teams to respond right away.

Since cameras are layered with artificial intelligence, they can catch things that the human eye may not notice. This gives properties that are protected by live monitoring a distinct security advantage over those that are only served by guards.

For more information on how remote video patrol security systems can protect your property, please do not hesitate to contact the team at Birdseye Security Solutions today.