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Improving Security Monitoring in Chicago and Beyond

There are many ways to improve safety and security at a business, but one of the most effective ways is to utilize monitoring services. Finding the right security monitoring in Chicago and beyond can drastically enhance protection at a business. Why?

Security Monitoring in Chicago and Beyond

Consider an unmonitored security solution such as an alarm system. If a criminal is lurking around your property, the alarm will not sound. While the criminal is scouting the site waiting for an opportunity, the alarm will not sound. The alarm will only sound once the criminal throws a rock through your window, for example.

Unfortunately, this means that damage has already been done. Even if the criminal doesn’t manage to do anything else or steal anything from your business, you’ll still need to spend time and money repairing the window. However, there’s a good chance that the alarm won’t scare the criminal away. Why not? Criminals know that, once an alarm sounds, they have time.

Even if the police are contacted immediately, it will take a while before they arrive. In this time, the criminal can steal from your location and flee the scene.

In fact, due to the likelihood of false alarms, police may put unverified alarms on a lower priority. This is because it is important that they devote their resources to situations where they know for certain that a crime is taking place.

A powerful way to verify that a criminal situation is occurring is to use one of the companies that provides live security monitoring in Chicago and area.

What is Live Security Monitoring?

When it comes to finding the right security monitoring in Chicago and area, it’s important to choose a company that offers live monitoring. Live monitoring services make it possible for your property to be watched by trained security professionals 24/7.

Cameras will be installed at your business, giving agents a view of your entire property. In addition to these high-definition cameras, two-way speakers will also be installed so that agents can communicate with the site. Additional sensors may be used as well, depending on your property and your security needs.

Live monitoring offers an active security approach. Unlike alarm systems, which only sound after a crime has already been committed, monitoring agents can spot suspicious activity at your property and react to it, stopping crimes before they happen.

The Benefits of Live Monitoring in Chicago and Beyond

There are many other benefits to live monitoring as well. As mentioned, cameras can be installed so agents can see an entire property. Compared to security guards, for example, this is significant. In most properties, no matter how many guards are hired, it simply isn’t logistically possible for them to see what’s happening all across the entire site. This gives criminals an opportunity to hide and wait for their chance to strike.

High-definition cameras can capture clear footage in nearly all lighting conditions, including at night. On the other hand, it becomes quite difficult for security guards to see in the dark. Criminals know this and they will try to exploit it.

In addition, security guards may be distracted, intimidated, or overwhelmed by large groups of criminals or by those who are holding weapons. Monitoring agents remain out of harm’s way and are able to protect a property regardless of the situation.

If a crime does occur, security guards will need to rely on their memories or their notes when recalling the situation. With live monitoring, video footage is available. This can greatly help in an investigation.

Choosing Security Monitoring in Chicago & Beyond

For more information on accessing live security monitoring in Chicago and beyond, please do not hesitate to contact Birdseye Security Solutions. With years of experience and a dedicated, responsive security team, we are a North American leader in remote monitoring and facility supervision. Our team can work with you to create the right live monitoring setup for your business.

Cameras can be installed so security agents are able to watch every inch of your property. Additional tools – such as two-way speakers – give agents the ability to interact with the site while other sensors can be installed for specific needs, such as temperature monitoring, for example. Our team will provide you with the right solution for your business.

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