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What are Integrated Security Systems and Why Are They So Effective?

The Importance of Integrated Security Systems

It can be tough to find the right security solution to protect your business. Each property is different, each business has its own security risks, and each company has its own preferences. That can make it difficult to find a solution that is right for you.

What are Integrated Security Systems and Why Are They So Effective

The good news is that, when installed and managed by a reputable security company, integrated security systems can be adapted to work in nearly any situation.

What are Integrated Security Systems?

The term integrated security systems means using a multi-layered approach to security. This provides more comprehensive coverage and makes it significantly more difficult for criminals to break in.

While each property is unique and each system should be designed so that it meets the specific needs of a site, there are several aspects that are typically included in integrated security systems.

An integrated system may include any of the following:

  • Alarm systems
  • Motion detectors
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Live monitoring
  • Access control tools
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • And much more

The different tools in an integrated system work together to improve security. This not only improves the effectiveness of the system but also provides additional data and information for the business owner, which can be incredibly valuable.

Information is crucial when you are trying to keep a property safe. The more details you have about behavior, risks, and the conditions at your site, the better you can prepare for potential crimes and other issues.

Why is Layering Systems So Important?

If systems are layered together, that drastically decreases the chances of criminals getting through. Consider a situation where only an alarm system is in place. In this instance, it’s entirely possible that a criminal could get in and out of a property before anyone responds to the alarm.

The same is true for physical security or any access control tool. These tools can be used to keep criminals out of your property, but they’re unlikely to stop criminals for long on their own. Many criminals plot out their crimes in advance. They look at the property and think of ways that they can counter the existing security. The more tools you have in place to stop them, the harder it is for them to get into a site.

With integrated security systems, not only are there several tools that can detect, deter, and stop criminals, but these tools all work in conjunction with one another. Security agents at a remote monitoring station can be responsible for all aspects of the system. They can use high-definition cameras to watch the interior and exterior of the property, control access gates and doors remotely, communicate with the site using two-way speakers, and much more.

This not only means that every aspect of the property is watched over, but it also provides a single point of contact for the business. This improves communication and ensures that security policies and company procedures are followed correctly since it’s all being handled by a single team.

What are the Benefits of Integrated Security Systems?

Real-time monitoring is a crucial part of integrated security systems. When a property is monitored by a live monitoring station, agents can intervene to deter criminals before they strike. For example, if a property is only protected by an alarm system, a criminal could potentially get in and out of the site without being noticed. It might be some time before someone responds to the alarm.

With live monitoring, agents will notice the person before they even step foot on the property. This drastically improves security.

In addition, since live agents can be responsible for access control, not only will they be able to restrict access to unauthorized persons, but they will also be able to use cameras to follow anyone who enters with permission.

This means they can make sure someone does not visit restricted areas, they can assign and confirm that parking instructions are followed, and they can keep an eye on everyone at the site.

For more information on how integrated security systems improve security, efficiency, and communication at a property, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today. We understand the critical importance of keeping sites safe and of tailoring security solutions to meet individual needs.