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What the Best Construction Yard Security Cameras Have in Common


Understanding the Best Construction Yard Security Cameras

Construction yard security cameras have many benefits. But they’re not all created equal. Some provide much better security than others. Find out what common thing all the best cameras have in common, why this matters, and how you can take advantage of it to protect your property

If you’re looking for the best construction yard security cameras, you likely want to know what makes some camera choices better than others. While there are many different types of cameras and many different camera systems, all the best construction yard security cameras have one thing in common. 

Understanding the Best Construction Yard Security Cameras

The best security cameras are monitored.

Monitored cameras have many features that make them a strong choice for construction yard protection. 

What are Monitored Security Cameras?

Most traditional security camera systems are unmonitored. They exist to record footage that is typically viewed after a crime has occurred. Some can be watched remotely if necessary. For instance, if an alarm sounds or motion is detected, you may receive a notification on your phone or laptop that will let you view live footage.

However, the potential issue with such setups is that they don’t prevent criminals from striking. By the time you look at the video, the crime is either already underway or already over. 

The problem with this is that criminals work quickly. They know they can get in and out of a construction site in just a few minutes if nothing gets in their way. They also know that if they do this, the chance of anyone catching them in the act is very low. 

Live monitored camera systems are watched 24/7 by trained security professionals. This means they can spot situations as they develop.

A live monitoring system also includes two-way speakers so the security team can communicate directly with the site. If a suspicious situation occurs, such as a person is seen trying to tamper with the gates around your yard, agents can use the speakers to inform the person that they are being watched and that they must leave the property before the police are called.

This deters criminals, since they know police may be called before they even attempt a crime. That makes it significantly more likely that the authorities will arrive while the person is on the scene.

Monitored construction yard security cameras can be installed so remote agents can see the entire property with ease. This gives the system a large advantage over security guards.

No matter how many security guards you have at a property, they can’t see the entire site at all times. Plus, the more guards you hire, the more it will cost. For this reason, monitored cameras are often a more powerful and more cost-effective method than traditional onsite guards.

Other Benefits of Monitored Construction Yard Security Cameras

As mentioned, the best construction yard security cameras are those that are monitored. But there are many reasons why. In addition to deterring criminals from striking, live monitoring agents can also perform other important services as well.

For instance, remote agents can be responsible for access control at the site.

Some common access control tools are fobs, keys, cards, and other such devices. However, there are several major flaws with these tools. The first is that they only really make sense for those who work at the site or visit frequently. Anyone who doesn’t come to a property regularly likely won’t have a fob, so you’ll need to have a second system set up to handle these visitors.

This often means having a security guard at the gate along with the fob system. Having two systems in place is costly.

The second issue is a potentially serious one. If fobs or keys are lost, this likely won’t be noticed right away. That means the tools could be used by authorized persons who access the site. This is a big potential security breach.

When live remote monitoring agents are responsible for access control, these issues are eliminated. The system works by having two cameras installed at an entry point (such as the gate at a construction site), One camera is pointed at the face of the person requesting access while the other focuses on their identification card or badge.

Remote agents verify that the person is who they say they are and that they are authorized to enter the property. If they are, they are permitted to enter. If they are not, they are told to leave. The result is a strong form of construction site security.

For more information on the best construction yard security cameras, live remote monitoring services, or other ways that you can keep your property safe, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today.