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Security System Monitoring Miami Florida and Beyond


The Key Facts About Security System Monitoring

A lot of business owners and those who manage properties find themselves searching for a security system monitoring Miami and the area. Monitoring services provide strong protection for nearly any property, giving you the peace of mind that your site is always secure.

What You Need to Know About Security System Monitoring Miami and Beyond

To understand why monitoring services are so important, it’s a good idea to learn about exactly what they are and how they compare to other types of security. This will give you a full picture of the benefits of security system monitoring.

What is Security System Monitoring?

A live remote monitoring system is a setup that is used to protect properties from criminals as well as provide several other benefits. The typical system involves setting up cameras that are capable of viewing an entire property along with lighting, two-way speakers, and various sensors (depending on the property). This lets trained security professionals monitor the site remotely.

One key benefit of remote security system monitoring is that agents can see situations as they develop and intervene as needed. For example, if monitoring agents notice that someone is crouching outside your gates and attempting to tamper with them, they can respond by using two-way speakers to let the person know they are being watched.

If a criminal knows that the next step will be calling the police, there’s a good chance that they will leave the scene right away. If they don’t, agents can contact the police and give them the details of the situation. If police know that an active crime is in progress, they’ll likely place a higher priority on the call.

Live security system monitoring is such a powerful tool because it prevents crimes from happening. Since agents can spot situations that are just developing, they are able to stop crimes before they begin. This is important since criminals tend to cause a lot of damage when they strike a property, even if they don’t steal anything.

For instance, they might break windows, damage gates, break doors, or cause other property damage that will be costly and time consuming to fix. Preventing the crime before it occurs spares your business from having to deal with these hassles.

Comparing Live Security System Monitoring to Other Tools

Of course, if you’re looking for security system monitoring Miami Florida and area, you’re also aware that there are other security options out there. To figure out which choice is the best for you, it’s a good idea to review the different options. Some of the most common are alarm systems, unmonitored security cameras, onsite security guards, and live security system monitoring.

  • Alarm Systems
    • Alarm systems work by alerting people to a crime in progress. Some alarms are connected to a central station that receives the alert, some contact the police directly, and other simply make a loud sound. What all types of alarms have in common is that they only go into action once a crime has taken place. They don’t have any ability to react to situations and prevent crimes before they occur.
    • It’s also important to note that since standard alarm systems are not monitored by live cameras, false alarms are common.
  • Unmonitored Surveillance Cameras
    • Video surveillance cameras that aren’t watched live typically only provide value after a crime has already happened. The footage from these cameras can be used to explain what happened and identify what was stolen or damaged, but they don’t prevent crimes from occurring. In addition, since many criminals wear masks or hoods when committing crimes, these tools may not provide police with the information they need to make any arrests.
  • Onsite Security Guards
    • Onsite security guards can spot suspicious situations and react to prevent crimes from happening. However, even with a large number of guards on site, it usually isn’t feasible for guards to watch an entire property at once.
    • In addition, security guards can potentially be overwhelmed by a large number of criminals, and they may even be threatened or injured by criminals armed with weapons.

As mentioned, live security system monitoring agents are able to react to situations and prevent crimes from occurring. This is true even in instances where a large number of criminals converge on a scene or where weapons are involved. For more information about security system monitoring Miami and beyond, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today.