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How To Improve Truck Yard Security

How to Strengthen Truck Yard Security

Truck yard security is one of the biggest concerns for those operating truck and trailer companies. Theft, vandalism, and other crimes won’t just cost your company money, they can also cost you time. If something is stolen or damaged, it will need to be replaced or repaired.

How to improve the process.

This takes time and money. If the crime affects your ability to perform your work, then you could fall behind on deliveries or even be unable to get work done at all until repairs are completed. Such delays can harm the reputation of your business. In addition, cargo theft can also negatively affect your reputation. Clients want to work with trucking companies that are safe and secure.

However, while security is critical, so is keeping an eye on your bottom line. Any money that is spent on securing your yard is money that you don’t have to spend elsewhere. So, it’s important that you utilize a cost-effective solution that still keeps your property safe.

Understanding Truck Yard Security Threats

There are many different potential threats when operating a truck yard. Cargo theft is one of the most common. Criminals often attempt to break into truck yards to steal valuable cargo from trailers. These crimes can cost companies a lot of money in stolen goods, and they could affect your company’s reputation as well. As mentioned, clients want to work with companies that care about security and work to keep their yards safe. Cargo theft costs trucking companies in North America billions of dollars each year.

Another significant security threat is vandalism. While it may seem like a minor nuisance, not only can vandalism slow down the course of business (since you may need to wait while property is repaired or cleaned), but it can also lead to serious safety risks. If a truck or trailer is damaged by vandals, this damage may not be evident right away. That means a driver could end up taking damaged equipment on the road and risking injury in the process.

Furthermore, it is important to protect your property from liability as well as from potential national security issues. To ensure safety, it’s critical that trucks, trailers, and their cargo remain secure at all times and that operators can always be certain of their security.

How to Improve Safety & Security at your Trucking Yard

Since truck yard security is so important, it’s crucial that businesses establish a comprehensive security solution at their yards. This involves not only ensuring that access to the yard is controlled, but it also involves monitoring and protecting trucks, trailers, cargo, and more.

You need to make sure that only authorized personnel can enter the yard, that you know the actions and locations of those who enter, and you need to be able to watch all equipment and cargo at all times.

Remote video monitoring provides businesses with complete truck yard security.

When a remote monitoring system is set-up, cameras are placed at strategic locations in and around the property. Cameras can be installed so that monitoring agents can watch 100% of the yard, both inside and out.

Surveillance cameras that are actively monitoring have a significant advantage over those that are only viewed passively. If a crime occurs, monitoring staff can immediately respond to the situation, taking action before it gets worse. Passive cameras aren’t actively monitored and therefore can only capture evidence.

Since they aren’t being watched at all times, they are only useful after a crime has already happened. With active monitoring, agents can spot suspicious behaviour (such as people lurking around outside your gates) and act right away, stopping a crime before it occurs.

A remote monitoring system includes more than just cameras. Monitoring agents can also take responsibility for gate access. Staff can skillfully handle access control situations, verifying identification when anyone arrives at the gate.

The Birdseye Security access control solution involves using two high-definition cameras at each entry point. One is focused on the individual’s face while the other is used to analyze their ID. The monitoring agent can ensure that the person matches their identification, then check to see if they are authorized to access the property.

Agents can ask questions via two-way speaker systems to confirm details or request additional information. This process is significantly more secure than using key fobs, which can be lost, stolen, or copied.

Remote monitoring is a comprehensive truck yard security solution that is more effective and also less expensive than using passive cameras, security guards, or key fobs. Agents can watch over a property 24/7, giving your company the type of security and peace of mind you need. For more information, please contact us today.