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Automotive Dealership Gate Security Solutions That Really Work

How to Effectively Use Automotive Dealership Gate Security Solutions

Automotive dealers are faced with many potential security threats. Of course, new and used vehicles tend to be quite valuable, and this makes them a target for criminals. There is also the fact that a typical automotive dealership is quite large, making it tough to see everything that’s going on at all times. Criminals know this and they try to take advantage of these situations.

Automotive Dealership Gate Security Solutions That Really Work

There are several automotive dealership gate security solutions, but not all options are created equal. Understanding these options, learning about their benefits and potential downsides, and using this information to determine which one is best for you is a crucial part of protecting your car lot.

The Different Available Automotive Dealership Gate Security Solutions

As mentioned, many different options could be considered when you’re planning to protect a vehicle dealership.

These can typically be broken down into two types: proactive and passive security. The difference between these types is that proactive security tools can intervene in a situation and prevent it from escalating, while a passive type of security is there to respond once a crime is already underway.

For instance, consider a typical alarm system. These systems are designed to draw attention to a troubling condition, such as a criminal cutting through a fence or breaking down a gate. The potential issue with these systems is that they don’t actually stop crime. Criminals act quickly. Once they break into a car lot, they’re usually in and out in a matter of minutes.

If no one is aware of the situation until an alarm sounds, it’s very unlikely that anyone can get to the scene fast enough to stop them.

By the time someone responds to the alarm, verifies that an actual crime is in progress, and contacts someone to help (such as the police), there’s a good chance that the crime will be over and the criminals will have gotten away with stolen assets. In these cases, even if the crime isn’t successful, there is still a good chance that the criminals will do significant damage to the property.

Surveillance cameras that are not monitored in real-time are another form of passive security. The footage recorded by these cameras is typically only watched after a crime has occurred. It does not help prevent a crime before it happens. That’s because criminals know they can hide their faces with scarves or masks, making it nearly impossible to identify them on video.

Physical automotive dealership gate security solutions are an option, but criminals generally have no problem destroying property if they can get what they want. Gates might slow down a criminal but, given enough time, they’ll likely be able to gain access. That’s why it’s important to use active security tools to try and stop criminals before they can strike.

How to Deter Criminals from your Automotive Dealership

There are a few different ways to deter criminals from striking your automotive dealership. A common choice is onsite security guards. Guards are a type of active security since they can spot suspicious behavior and react to stop it before it turns into a crime.

However, there are potential issues with security guards. The first is that they likely cannot see everything that is happening at a property at all times. As mentioned, most automotive lots are quite large. Even if you have a large number of guards at your property, they likely won’t be able to see everything.

Another potential issue is that onsite security guards may, unfortunately, be intimidated or even threatened by criminals looking to steal vehicles or other assets.

Live remote video monitoring is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to security guards.

For these reasons, live video remote monitoring camera systems pair well with automotive dealership gate security solutions. Live agents can use the camera system to watch over the entire property 24/7. This allows them to witness situations in real-time, as they happen.

If they notice any suspicious behavior, they can use the system’s two-way speakers to inform the person at the site that they are being watched and that the police will be called. This deters criminals and keeps properties safe.

For more information on remote monitoring, how monitoring agents can be responsible for access control, and how these tools can protect your car lot, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today.