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5 Key Benefits of Truck Yard Security Cameras and Video Surveillance

Why Truck Yard Security Cameras Work

When it comes to truck yard security, there are many different options. However, the ultimate goal remains the same: to protect the yard and keep it safe. One powerful way to do this is with truck yard security cameras. There are many benefits to using cameras in your yard. Here are five of the most important. 

Five Key Benefits of Truck Yard Security Cameras

Cameras Can See the Entire Yard

If your cameras are positioned properly, they can get footage of the entire yard. This is critical, since criminals are sneaky. They search for hiding places before they strike, scout out the property to avoid staff or guards, and often attempt their crimes at night when it’s easier to avoid being seen.

With truck yard security cameras, you can get footage of criminals no matter where they are. High-definition cameras can even record clear video in low-light conditions such as at night. 

Live Monitoring is Proactive

While security cameras can capture footage, who is watching this footage and when they watch it is even more important. If the yard security cameras aren’t being monitored, they won’t be effective at deterring criminals.

That’s because criminals act fast, and they often conceal their identities by using masks or hoods. If they can get in and out of a property without being noticed, there’s a good chance that they’re going to get away with their crimes.

Traditional unmonitored security cameras won’t stop criminals from striking. They’ll just capture footage of the crime as it happens. However, live remote monitoring services act as a strong deterrent since they stop criminals before they strike.

When your property is watched over by monitored cameras, trained security agents can act to stop suspicious activity before it escalates.

For example, if a monitoring agent notices someone crouching outside your gate, looking for an opportunity, they will communicate with them through the system’s two-way speakers, letting them know that they’re being watched and that the police will be called. This stops them in their tracks before they can strike. 

Monitoring Staff Cannot be Intimidated

Unfortunately, some criminals may try to threaten or intimidate yard staff or security guards. They often do this by using weapons or by showing up in large numbers. When you have live remote monitoring staff watching your property, they’ll be able to do their jobs no matter the circumstances. 

Monitoring Staff Keep Properties Safe & Organized

In addition to preventing criminals from striking, live monitoring agents can also keep the property safe and organized in other ways. For instance, guards can provide access control services, monitoring and operating the truck yard gate and ensuring that only authorized persons can enter.

Monitoring agents at the gate can also be responsible for handling parking assignments and ensuring that these assignments are followed. When a driver arrives, agents will assign them a parking spot in the yard. They can then use the camera to ensure that the parking assignments have been followed.

If a driver parks in the incorrect space, the agents will use the two-way cameras to let them know and request that they move their vehicle. 

The live monitoring agents can also track assets, including trailers and deliveries, to ensure that their location is always known as it moves through the yard. 

Yard Maintenance that is a Step Above

In addition to providing security, live remote monitoring agents can also watch over the site and provide other assistance. For instance, if they notice staff not wearing appropriate safety gear or if they see any violations of policies (incomplete vehicle inspections, speeding, etc.) the agents will communicate with the site to correct the behavior.

They will also complete a report for management, letting them know the details of the issue and backing up their report with detailed video evidence.

This will let management offer additional training if necessary and even modify or create new procedures to ensure greater safety and efficiency.

For more information on truck yard security cameras, live remote monitoring, and remote facility supervision, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today. Our dedicated team is here to help in any way we can. It is our goal to help you improve safety and security at your yard.