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How Advances in Remote Video Surveillance Make Properties Safer

The Many Powerful Ways to Use Remote Video Surveillance

One of the biggest developments in security over the last few years have been the incredible advances in remote video surveillance. While the security cameras that were used in the early 2000s could certainly capture video, modern cameras have surpassed them by leaps and bounds.

Remote video surveillance is a powerful tool. Find out how this security is keeping properties safe and learn about advances in remote monitoring technology.

Not only can today’s cameras record crisp, high-definition footage in nearly all conditions, but they also have many features that make them significantly more powerful. This includes the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) into monitoring systems.

These advances and improvements mean that remote monitoring systems can now be used in many more situations, providing stronger security and safer sites.

For instance, video monitoring can be used for access control in many different properties. In some cases, this may mean having cameras installed at the gates to a truck yard or industrial property. One camera can be positioned so it is focused on a person’s face while another is used to examine their ID card. Remote agents can then verify a person’s identity before allowing them onto a property and ensure that only authorized persons may enter. 

Live monitoring systems can also function as a remote concierge at a multi-residential property. Remote monitoring is significantly more secure than using a key fob or card to access a site.

Remote Video Surveillance is Getting Even Smarter Thanks to Artificial Intelligence

While having a property monitored by live security professionals is clearly a strong benefit, monitoring systems are now getting even more powerful thanks to artificial intelligence. AI can be used to identify situations that may be missed by human eyes.

For example, AI can recognize even small movements in scenes where movement isn’t expected, and it can differentiate between human movement and other movement. This can alert a human security professional to the situation, allowing them to respond more quickly to legitimate situations without triggering false alarms.

AI can also be used to identify trends and to watch for instances that don’t match those trends. For example, if AI is trained that a door should always be closed, it can recognize when this door is open and draw attention to this fact. AI can also be used to assist staff in enforcing protocols at a location. For example, video monitoring can be used to ensure that everyone at a property is wearing the right safety equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE).

If a live agent sees that a person is not following protocol and not wearing an orange safety vest or a face covering, they can interact with the site and correct the behavior. AI can aid in the recognition of these instances, ensuring that these situations are recognized as soon as possible.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, detection and incident response are becoming faster, which keeps properties safer and more secure. 

The Benefits of Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring has many benefits that make it a strong choice for security. One of the key benefits is that it can be used to watch over an entire site 24/7. This simply isn’t possible or practical with other security methods.

Even if you have many guards on your property (which can quickly get quite expensive), it usually isn’t feasible for them to watch over every area of a location at once. With remote monitoring, both live agents and artificial intelligence can watch over a property 24/7, providing superior security.

Another benefit to remote video surveillance is that agents can remotely “follow” individuals throughout a property with ease. For instance, if a remote agent assigns a parking spot to a truck driver as they arrive at the gates, the agent can make sure this assignment is followed by watching the truck as it moves through the lot.

If the driver parks in a different space, staff can use two-way speakers to alert them of the issue and make sure they follow the assignment. This improves organization and efficiency at the site. 

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