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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Security Guard?


The Cost of Hiring a Security Guard

Security guards are a common way to protect properties. One benefit that guards have over other types of security is that they are active tools. This means they can spot potentially dangerous or suspicious situations and prevent them from becoming serious crimes.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Security Guard?

When compared to a tool like an alarm system, it becomes obvious why this matters. If a criminal breaks into a property that is only protected by an alarm, the alarm will only sound once the crime is already underway (such as when a door is opened or a window is smashed). This means serious damage could have already occurred.

Not only that, but many smash and grab robberies are over in just a few minutes. If only alarms are protecting a property, no one will know to send help until the crime is already underway. This makes it unlikely that the police will arrive while criminals are still on the site.

This is why, despite concerns about the cost of hiring a security guard, many businesses still choose to work with them.

However, the answer to “How much does it cost to hire a security guard?” varies depending on many factors. In addition, security guard costs are increasing in many areas. There is significant security guard scarcity in many regions, primarily due to labor shortages and the ongoing pandemic recovery.

Factors that Determine How Much it Costs to Hire a Security Guard

The answer to “how much does it cost to hire a security guard?” isn’t a straightforward one. Several factors go into this equation, including:

  • The location
    • In general, it tends to cost more to hire a security guard in a large urban center, as opposed to in a less-populated area
  • The expected role
    • The more a security guard has to do, or the greater level of potential risk in a situation, the higher the price. A guard that is expected to provide concierge or access control services at a front desk will charge a different rate from a guard that is required to patrol the area, verify parking spaces, monitor cameras, and perform several other duties
  • The venue type
    • Larger and more complex venues may be more difficult to secure and therefore you may need to hire more guards or more experienced guards
  • The guard’s experience level
    • More experienced guards typically command higher rates than those with less experience

In addition to those factors, there are also additional issues relating to the pandemic. Several factors, including overall supply chain issues, labor shortages, and other issues are leading to a scarcity of security guards.

Several businesses are finding it tough to hire enough guards to protect their properties. Since experienced guards are currently in high demand, costs for hiring guards are increasing.

The Cost of Hiring a Security Guard

In these challenging economic times, many businesses are having to tighten their belts and reduce their costs. If hiring security guards is now more expensive than it was in the past, this can significantly strain a company’s budget.

As a result, many companies are now looking for alternatives to security guards in order to potentially save money.

Alternatives to Security Guards

One key factor to keep in mind when considering security guard alternatives is that you do not sacrifice the quality of your security while trying to reduce costs. As mentioned, an alarm system does not do much to deter criminals.

Live remote video monitoring is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to security guards.

The same is true for unmonitored security cameras. They mostly serve as a way to gather evidence after a crime has already happened. Criminals know that if they cover their faces with masks or scarves, it’s nearly impossible to identify them on video. Since the cameras aren’t monitored, they won’t be caught in the act and it’s unlikely that they’ll be tracked down later.

However, live remote monitoring is able to provide active security. Monitoring agents watch over cameras 24/7, which means they can spot situations as they develop. They can interact with the site using two-way speakers, letting suspicious individuals know they are being watched and deterring them from committing a crime.

Plus, if needed, they can contact the police while the criminal is still on the scene, greatly increasing the likelihood that the person will be caught at the property.

security guards vs remote video monitoring solutions

Many live monitoring services can provide comparable – or even superior – security to the service provided by onsite guards and this service is often delivered at a more cost-effective rate.

For more information on live remote monitoring services, and how they can help your business stay safe and reduce costs, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today.