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How to Prevent Swimming Pool Trespassing at Large Residential Buildings


How You Can Prevent Swimming Pool Trespassing

Tools that can be used to prevent swimming pool trespassing and why this is important.

There are several ways to deter people from trying to sneak into a pool, including:

  • Installing high fences with vertical bars and small openings that make the fences difficult to climb
  • Keeping furniture, planters, tools, etc. away from the fence so it’s not used by trespassers to get over the fence
  • Having a pool area that is well-lit
  • Use remote video monitoring services.

This involves using cameras, two-way speakers, and other sensors to get a complete picture of what’s happening at a property at all times. Trained security professionals will monitor the cameras 24/7 and react to any and all suspicious situations. This includes incidents of swimming pool trespassing.

Live monitoring services have significant advantages over the other security tools that may be used at multi-residential complexes:

  • Unlike alarm systems, monitoring agents can respond to situations before they escalate. For instance, if an alarm was set up to sound as soon as someone entered the pool area after hours, this person could still cause damage or injure themselves on the property. However, when monitoring services are in place, security agents can respond immediately to deter the criminal before they even enter the site.
  • Agents can respond using two-way speakers to make their presence known, activate lights to deter criminals, and even contact police or security teams as soon as suspicious activity is noted.
  • Security guards may be another option for security, but guards cannot be everywhere at once. If you have guards making their rounds at your property, there’s a chance that they could be on the other side of the facility when trespassers arrive at the pool. This means the unwanted visitors could potentially get in, cause damage, and even possibly suffer injuries before anyone notices them.
  • It’s also important to note that guards may be overwhelmed, intimidated, or even threatened by large groups of people or by those holding weapons. Remote monitoring agents do not have this same issue.

With remote monitoring, there is always a video record of anything that happens at a property. This footage can be used in investigations and to determine liability in swimming pool trespassing incidents and other incidents.

In addition to preventing swimming pool trespassing, there are many other ways that live video monitoring services can reduce crime and liability at an apartment building, condominium, or other similar complex.

  • Monitoring staff can take responsibility for allowing authorized visitors into the building, accepting packages, assigning parking spots, and much more. By acting as a virtual concierge, remote security teams can save the property money while providing a high-quality service.
  • In many cases, live video monitoring services are more effective than having guards. Remote security teams don’t have to leave their positions to check on other areas, for example, they can’t be distracted by criminals, and they can view the entire property at once.
  • Trespassing can be a serious issue for large residential complexes. In addition to those who may wish to enter the pool area, individuals may also try to gain entry to parking garages, gyms, hallways, common spaces, and even residential units. Remote security agents can deter this activity and get criminals off your site before they can cause an issue.

Birdseye Security Solutions has years of experience in protecting people and property and in monitoring large sites. Our team is always completely dedicated to improving safety and security. For more information on our live remote monitoring services and how they can help stop swimming pool trespassing and other crimes, please contact us today.

Tools to Prevent Swimming Pool Trespassing

Swimming pool trespassing is more than just an annoyance. Not only can it potentially lead to serious injuries (and even death), but there could be legal consequences as well, depending on where your property is located and the circumstances surrounding the incident.

In many cases, even if someone trespasses onto a property, owners or property managers can be held responsible for injuries that take place. Obviously, this is not something that you want to happen.

If you own or operate a multi-residential property, such as a townhouse or condominium complex, and your property has a swimming pool, it’s vital that you take steps to prevent swimming pool trespassing.