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Commercial and Office Building Video Monitoring Solutions

How Commercial and Office Building Live Surveillance Works

Office buildings require security, but they are often difficult to keep safe. That’s because there are various security concerns to keep in mind. Large office buildings are complicated operations, and this means they require specific solutions.

How Office Building Live Surveillance Works

For instance, in an office, there are probably many different companies using the office space. This means many people coming and going at different times, going to different locations, parking in various spots, and more. It also means there are visitors coming and going, packages being received, and contactors and repair people working in and around the building.

Then there are traditional security threats such as theft, vandalism, etc. that could take place at almost any part of the building.

The result is a complex operation that involves complex tools. Office building remote monitoring can be the solution to these issues.

What is Office Building Remote Video Monitoring?

Live remote monitoring systems allow trained security professionals to watch over a property remotely. In most setups, cameras are installed throughout the building so that agents can view the entire property.

They are often accompanied by two-way speakers and other security tools that allow the agents to interact with the site and to gain additional information.

Remote office building live video monitoring lets agents:

Watch over the property 24/7

  • This allows them to notice suspicious situations and intervene (often using two-way speaker communication) to prevent a crime from happening.
  • This often prevents crimes before they occur. Other solutions, such as alarm systems or unmonitored cameras, don’t prevent crimes. They are usually used to alert someone of a crime in progress or capture evidence that can be used in an investigation. This can be an issue since criminals often cause significant damage during their crimes and the assets they steal tend to be quite valuable.
  • If you can deter them from striking in the first place, you’ll save a lot of time and hassle

Office building live video surveillance can also perform access control and building concierge services

  • This includes signing in visitors, assigning parking spaces, and allowing or restricting access based on a person’s authorization level
  • Agents can remotely check a person’s ID, verify that they are who they say they are by matching the ID photo to the person’s face, and determine if they are authorized to enter the property

Watch the perimeter of the property, the parking garage, and other areas

  • In addition to securing the office building itself, remote agents can also provide security in the parking area and watch over the perimeter of the building.
  • Parking garages in particular are common targets for criminals. By monitoring these locations in real time, you provide a level of security and peace of mind that cannot typically be matched by other security services.

Advantages to Remote Commercial and Office Building Real-Time Video Monitoring

Live office building video monitoring compares very favorably to other types of security. As mentioned, when compared to alarm systems or unmonitored cameras, live remote monitoring is an active option. This means agents can work to prevent crimes before they happen.

Another type of active security is traditional on-site security guards. However, live monitoring has many advantages over these guards. The first is that, no matter how many guards you have on hand, it is often close to impossible for them to watch over an entire property 24/7.

Live remote video monitoring is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to security guards.

There will always be weak points where criminals can thrive.

Another issue is that a large number of guards also comes with a significant cost. In many cases, live remote monitoring services are a more cost-effective option.

Finally, the unfortunate reality exists that criminals can sometimes take advantage of distracted or overworked guards, or even intimidate or threaten them. With live remote monitoring, this isn’t an issue. Guards can see the entire property at all times and work to deter criminals in any and all situations.

For more information on office building video monitoring and how it can help protect your property, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today.