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Parking Gate Arm Security Solutions

Access Control and Security for Parking Gate Arm Scenarios

Parking lots, warehouses, factories, truck yards, and many other properties typically have gates that are protected by a parking gate arm at the entrance. These gates are designed as a form of access control, keeping unauthorized persons out of a property.

Parking Gate Arm Security Solutions

At many warehouses, truck yards, etc. a driver will pull up to the parking gate arm, show their credentials, and either be permitted access or told to leave the property. One way that this often happens is by security guards at the gate.

While security guards are a traditional way of protecting a parking gate, they are not the only way and, in many respects, they are not the best way.

Understanding what happens when a vehicle arrives at the parking gate arm as well as what happens after they drive away can help you understand how to choose the right security solutions for your property.

Parking Gate Arm Solutions

When someone drives up to a parking gate arm, it seems like a simple situation, but the reality is that this process can be somewhat complex. That’s because several factors go into this seemingly simple interaction.

When the person arrives at the gate, they want to enter the property. However, only those who are authorized should be able to get in. How this happens is crucial. If the interaction at the gate is too complex, confusing, or time-consuming, there can be several issues. The first is that the person arriving at the gate likely has some sort of work to do.

They are probably making a delivery, picking something up, or otherwise working. Slowing them down hurts productivity. Another issue is that a slow process at the gate could potentially cause a backup of people trying to enter, which no one wants. 

However, it’s also important that the access control process be thorough and accurate. Otherwise, unauthorized people may be inadvertently given access to the site. 

Therefore, it’s important to find a system that is intuitive, quick, and secure. For many sites, this means using live remote monitoring. 

Live Remote Monitoring Services as Access Control

With live remote monitoring solutions, cameras and two-way speakers are installed throughout a property, including at the parking gate arm. When someone arrives at the gate, they show their ID and their face to the cameras.

These are watched by live remote agents, who verify their identity and ensure that they are authorized to enter the property.

The result is a quick, efficient, and secure method of protecting properties. 

There are many benefits that live remote monitoring has over traditional security guards, such as:

  • Accuracy
    • Live remote monitoring agents can quickly verify a person’s identity by checking their ID card, ensuring that they match the photo on the card, and verifying that their name is on the authorized list. In many cases, this happens more quickly and more accurately than with a traditional security guard.
  • Dedicated attention
    • If a gate security guard is alerted to a crime happening in another area of the site, they could be required to leave their post to deal with it. This means the parking gate arm will be without protection. Live monitoring agents can watch over the entire property at once, ensuring that the entire site is always safe and secure.
  • More comprehensive
    • If a security guard stationed at a parking gate arm assigns a parking space, delivery dock, or provides other instructions to a driver at the gate, they have no way of ensuring that the instructions are being followed without leaving the gate or potentially speaking with another guard who is stationed in a different area. Live remote monitoring agents, on the other hand, can use the cameras on-site to ensure that their instructions are followed and communicate with the drivers at the property if an error is made.
  • Cost
    • Securing an entire property inside and out with security guards is often very costly. Live remote monitoring can typically offer greater service and protection as well as costs that are often lower than hiring a large number of guards. 

For more information on live remote monitoring and how it can significantly improve access control services, handle parking gate arm interactions, and much more, please contact Birdseye Security Solutions today.