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Choosing the Best Commercial Door Access Control Systems

The Importance of Commercial Door Access Control Systems

Restricting access to your property is a crucial way to reduce crime. If criminals can’t get into your site, it becomes much more difficult to cause damage, steal access, or commit other crimes. This is why commercial door access control systems are so important.

Commercial Door Access Control Systems

However, not all access control tools are created equal. Depending on the system, there may be significant flaws or issues that you will want to know about.

Choosing the Right Commercial Door Access Control Systems

The best access control tools are ones that make it easy for employees and other authorized persons to enter the property while restricting access to everyone else. If the system is difficult, time-consuming, or confusing, it won’t be a good addition to your property.

Plus, you’ll want to be able to track who enters the site and when, and potentially even where they do once they access the property.

There are a few different commercial door access control systems available and each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Choosing the Right Commercial Door Access Control Systems

  • Traditional keys
    • Locking doors with traditional keys is a common way of restricting access. However, there are several flaws to this process. One is that everyone who wishes to enter must have a physical key. This is costly and logistically difficult. If someone leaves the company or is no longer allowed access for any reason, you need to get the key back from them.
    • In addition, keys can also be lost or stolen. Not only will this mean they have to be replaced, but this can also be a security risk.
    • Finally, using physical keys doesn’t make it easy to authorize people on a one-off or short-term basis and the system provides no analytics or other details.
  • Key fobs and access cards
    • Fobs and access cards let you adjust security clearance relatively quickly and easily. If someone leaves the company, their card can be deactivated. However, those visiting the site or those who only need short-term access may require a different system.
    • Much like traditional keys, cards and fobs can be lost or stolen. If this happens, it may not be noticed right away, so criminals could use the cards before they can be deactivated.
  • Two-way speaker systems
    • With a two-way speaker system, someone arriving at a door or gate will push a button, identify themselves, and request access. This system requires monitoring, however, unless it’s accompanied by a monitored security camera, it could be a security risk.
    • If the person authorizing entry can’t see who is at the door, they may accidentally allow an unauthorized individual into a property.
  • Facial recognition
    • Facial recognition software can be installed on video surveillance cameras. It can then identify a person at the door or gate and allow them in if they match an authorized database.
    • It’s important to note that facial recognition tools are not 100% accurate. Not only can they give false matches (and therefore allow someone into a property who should not be allowed) but they can also provide false rejections. In these cases, a person who should be authorized to enter could be restricted.
  • Live remote video monitoring
    • Live remote monitoring combines high-definition security cameras with two-way speaker systems to provide remote access control. The system is watched over by a trained remote security agent who will act as virtual concierge services.
    • In a typical system, when someone arrives at the gate, they will show their identification to one camera while another camera will be focused on their face. The agent will verify that they match their ID and that they are authorized to enter. If they are, they will be permitted into the property.
    • Those who are not authorized or those who may require further questioning will be spoken to through the two-way speaker system. Agents may ask them questions as needed.
    • With remote monitoring services, cameras can be installed throughout the property as well. This will let the agents monitor people as they walk through the site.
    • For more information on remote video monitoring and how it can strengthen the commercial door access control systems at your property, please do not hesitate to contact us today.