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The Types of Cargo Theft and How to Stop Them

Understanding the Types of Cargo Theft

Cargo theft is, unfortunately, a common problem. Criminals often look to steal items from trucks and trailers because they know there are significant assets inside cargo trucks, and they know they can steal these items and quickly sell them on the black market.

The Types of Cargo Theft and How to Stop Them

There are many different types of cargo theft and it’s important to understand these types so you can prevent these crimes.

Stopping Different Types of Cargo Theft

Different tactics are required for stopping different types of cargo theft. By understanding how criminals might strike, and preparing yourself for these possible crimes, you can take proactive steps to stop criminals.

This is significantly more powerful than reacting to crimes and trying to catch up to criminals once they’ve already stolen your cargo. Most stolen cargo is never recovered

Stopping Cargo Theft During Deliveries

For theft that happens on the road, several strategies can be used to stop criminals. The first is to know where crime hotspots are along your routes. In most regions, there will be areas that are more common for criminals.

Research your routes and make sure that drivers know where these hotspots are. If they know where crime is more likely to occur, they’re likely to avoid these areas or use more caution when they stop in these spots.

Using additional caution is important at all stops, however. Make sure that drivers know to park their vehicles in highly visible and well-lit areas, for example. Criminals don’t want to be caught in the act, so they are much more likely to strike a truck or trailer that is parked in an out-of-the-way location where no one will notice them. 

Drivers should also get into the habit of doing a full security inspection whenever they return to their vehicle after leaving it unattended for any period. They should walk around the vehicle, make sure that everything is still locked, check for any signs of tampering or entry, and look to see if their load was disturbed in any way.

One main reason that criminals often get away with their crimes is that it’s difficult for the authorities to determine where and when a crime has taken place. Since drivers typically travel far distances each day, if they only notice that something has been stolen at the end of their route, it could have happened just about anywhere.

By inspecting vehicles regularly, you give the police a better chance of catching a criminal.

Preventing Cargo Theft Inside Jobs

Another type of cargo theft is inside jobs. These are situations where criminals either get jobs at a truck yard or warehouse and steal goods while they’re working or instances where criminals work alongside employees to gather information or exploit security weaknesses.

One way to prevent these crimes is to make sure all employees are screened before being hired. Doing extensive background checks and checking references can reduce the likelihood of hiring someone with criminal intentions. 

Another way is to use live remote monitoring tools to track what is happening at your property. Live agents can watch your property 24/7 and respond in real-time to any suspicious activity. This prevents criminals from being able to commit crimes on your site.

How to Stop Truck Yard Cargo Theft

Truck yards are a common site for cargo theft because there are lots of trucks parked on these sites, the trailers are usually unattended for long periods, and they are often filled with cargo. In some cases, criminals try to break through gates, cut through fences, climb over barriers, or otherwise try to illegally gain access to a property.

In other cases, criminals try to use deception or distraction (or both) to get past security guards at the gate. They may use fake credentials, wait until guards are busy, or otherwise attempt to get through security unnoticed.

Live remote monitoring can protect properties from both types of cargo theft. Agents are watching 24/7, so they can see any suspicious activity taking place and respond to it before the criminals can strike.

Agents will use the two-way speaker system to inform the criminals that they are being watched and tell them that police will be called if they do not leave immediately. This proactive approach prevents crime.

Live agents can also perform access control duties. They can use cameras to view a visitor’s ID, ensure that their photo matches their face, and verify that they are on the authorized list before allowing them onto the site. Live monitoring agents cannot be distracted, and they will perform these duties 24/7.

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